Pikmin: Botanical Brigade

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Botanical Brigade, a fanon game created by BannasReal.
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Pikmin: Botanical Brigade
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North American box art.
Rating E10+, PEGI 7, CERO A
Genre Puzzle, real-time strategy
Platforms Nintendo Create
Media Cartridge, digital download
Publisher Nintendo, Bannas Studios
Prequel Pikmin 3
Creator BannasReal

Pikmin: Botanical Brigade is a Pikmin fan game concept created by BannasReal. The game focuses on the ideas of exploration and resource management, allowing players to command Pikmin in ways not previously possible in past Pikmin games and explore a vast, open-world environment. The game is mostly similar to Pikmin 1 but features many ideas from other Pikmin games as well. All previous Challenge, Mission, and 2-Player Battle modes return as their own unique modes with improvements and tweaks that differ them from the originals. As a result of the Nintendo Create's enhanced capabilities compared to previous Nintendo systems, previous limitations of the Pikmin series are no longer a problem, which allows this game to freely expand on previous game's features.



There are twelve Pikmin types, seven of which return from previous games.

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