Pikmin: Delta's Story

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Pikmin: Delta's Story
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Delta's Story, a fanon game created by Maplemin.
Pikmin: Delta's Story
Rating Unknown
Genre Storytelling
Platforms Unknown
Media Unknown
Creator Maplemin

Pikmin: Delta's Story is a storytelling Pikmin game created by Maplemin. The game features a story of a character named Delta, an asset used from one of Pikmin 3's scrapped characters, and how he met up with Hocotatians and Koppaites.


On the planet Sutowa, Delta was worrying, for his boss, Tonchi, was suddenly gone. One night, he perused his space map and detected an S.O.S. signal. He zoomed into the planet, which was named PNF-404. A strange name, he thought, but it was not the time for him to wonder. So, he quickly packed his food and supplies and ran to the Sutowa Space Station to hop onto his favorite ship, the S.S. Typhoon. Delta flew off and asked aloud, "What happened to him?". It was odd that Tonchi wound up on a random planet seven-thousand one-hundred nine light-years away. Delta activated the hyperdrive card, and off he went. A few days later, he realized he was near the planet's orbit, he pressed the land button, and his ship began to land, then something terrible happened...