Pikmin Adventure Saga: Critter Trouble

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Pikmin Adventure Saga: Critter Trouble
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Adventure Saga: Critter Trouble, a fanon game created by New Pikminjp.
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The story begins when a planet far away called Setolon receives an odd signal. The odd signal started to mess with the weather patterns, and President Balpop got sick and tired of it. So he summons three captains Lona, Bawful, and Vendy to follow the odd signal and put a stop to it. They use Bawfuls S.S Gopower, which is based on his middle name, and Balpop sends the three captains to the distant planet that everybody else calls the PNF 404. When they land on the planet they call it the Doom Maker.


  • Ranch Valley