Pikmin Continues

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Pikmin Continues
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Continues, a fanon game created by KirbyRider.
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Pikmin Continues is a Pikmin Game made using Spore:Galactic Adventures. A 1000-year-old Captain, Crabbawabbaspicy, uses the pikmin to help him. However, he first sends one of his friends, then goes to the planet.

Episode 1

Crabbawabbaspicy and his pikmin help themselves in Pleasant Plains.

Episode 2

Crabbawabbaspicy helps pikmin battle some bosses in Furious Fields. His Spaceship was taken away by the Snapcrab, although he didn't notice it.

Episode 3

Crabbawabbaspicy finds a new red pikmin. He jumps into Wierd Cave. The red pikmin is tossed in a Peppermint Candypop Bud to make a new Mint Pikmin.

Episode 4

Crabbawabbaspicy ventures Albino Fields. There's a Beady Long Legs in sight, and is the boss.