Pikmin HD

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Pikmin HD
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin HD, a fanon game created by BizzythePikmin.
Pikmin HD
Rating Unknown
Genre Puzzle, Real-time strategy
Platforms Unknown
Media Unknown
Publisher Unknown
Prequel Pikmin 3
Creator BizzythePikmin

Pikmin HD is a fanon game created by BizzythePikmin.


A week after the events of Pikmin 3, Olimar returns home after a long journey, hoping that he can finally relax and take a vacation with his family. The President tells him that he can take a vacation for as long as he wants, which shocks Olimar but he gladly accepts the offer. Before he leaves, the President says, "Take Louie with you. I'm sure he wants to take a vacation, too. In fact, I'll let you take the S.S. Beluga!". Still puzzled by the President's generosity, Olimar runs off to a nearby spaceship garage hoping that the S.S. Dolphin is still there, and to his surprise, it is, although it looks much different. But, his biggest surprise comes when the salesman says to Olimar, "This is the S.S. Dolphin, version two. We took the liberty of upgrading it for you, at no cost!"

He decides to take his family on an interstellar trip to PNF-404 to see the Pikmin. After getting space suits for his family and gathering up everybody, Olimar sets out with them in the S.S. Beluga, with the S.S. Dolphin inside. As they neared the planet, the ship suddenly began to plummet to the planet's surface, but this was not the work of the Plasm Wraith; a transmission appeared on screen and the President's ugly mug popped up saying, "Well, Olimar and company! I hope you enjoy gathering treasure on PNF-404 for me! I set the ship to land on PNF-404 and never come off until you gather P2 Poko icon.png × 100,000,000 worth of treasure for me! And to be extra safe, I set up a field around the planet to make the ship crash when it goes near it!" In a flash, the S.S. Beluga crashes and the group is scattered. Olimar and Louie are the only captains left together, and when they awake, they see five Red Pikmin attacking a Dwarf Bulborb.