Pikmin: Alternate Worlds

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Pikmin: Alternate Worlds is a non-canon game created by PokemonGod777.

There are 5 areas and 1000 treasures in the game (on hard mode) (300 on easy and 600 on medium), there are also 20 caves, 4 caves per area! There are also many new enemies and Pikmin.


After Olimar Returns from his journey from Pikmin 2, a portal opens up sucking in Olimar's family and himself and he finds himself stranded on an alternate Pikmin world.


  • Relaxation Desert: find Red and Yellow Pikmin
  • Unforgiving Woods: find Blue Pikmin
  • Drought Navel: find Whites and Purple Pikmin
  • Drowning Sea: find Pink (can fly) and Green (immune to acid) Pikmin
  • Portal Sightings: find Giant Pikmin


This list will document the treasures on hard mode

  • Upside-down Hideaway (no boss) 3 floors, 5 treasures
  • Wollywog Treetop (WollyKing) 7 floors, 100 treasures
  • Reverse Factory (Hermit Stamwosh) 21 floors, 1 treasure (in this dungeon you go up instead of down)
  • Life Ending Box (Smieq) 40 floors, 50 treasures
  • Nightmare Nest (all the above + King Progg) 100 floors, 245 treasures