Pikmin: Return

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Pikmin: Return is a game by Neocraftz1553, but not much is known about it currently besides the fact that it is being worked on and a few other facts:

  • Graphics are improved
  • 100+ new enemies are added along with most of the past enemies
  • more mechanics are introduced

So far we have this:

Pikmin: Return

Pikmin: Return is a game by Neocraftz1553 in which the player has the choice to due a multitude of tasks to repay a debt. The areas are bigger than the areas in Pikmin 3, and you are able to choose between 3 landing sites on each area. The game is expected to release sometime around December 26, 2016 or later.

Gameplay and Mechanics

The gameplay stays mostly the same as all pikmin games, with the captain controlling a squad of pikmin to do many tasks. Graphics are better, improving from those of Pikmin 3. Players are able to choose from 3 landing sites in each area. Players will be able to gain advantages against enemies in many ways such as:

  • Toppling

In Pikmin: Return, Enemies can be toppled by having enough Pikmin on them and/or by colliding with Rock Pikmin. Purple Pikmin can be used to topple most large enemies, and can be used to force Sheargrubs out of the ground. An advantage to toppling is that the enemy is defenseless for a few seconds.


Enemies in Pikmin: Return have better graphics than those from previous titles. They react to changes in the enviroment, retreating into caves when it rains and going near water sources during heatwaves. They will also respond to different flora. You will be able to see different enemies in the Piklopedia, and will be able to decorate their Piklopedia areas in the following ways: changing the terrain by altering its shape/material, adding flora, and even adding more enemies, although you will need to capture them.

For more info, check Pikmin: Return's Piklopedia.


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