Pikmin: Stranded Exploration

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Stranded Exploration, a fanon game created by Volatile Dweevil.
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Pikmin: Stranded Exploration
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Creator Volatile Dweevil

Pikmin: Stranded Exploration is a game created by Volatile Dweevil. In it, Olimar and Louie become stranded on the Planet of the Pikmin with the nosecone of Olimar's new ship, and they must find sufficient materials to construct a new ship so they can escape.


Olimar comes to the Planet of the Pikmin to study the local wildlife, but he arrived late, after dark, and his ship is totaled by nocturnal predators. Olimar manages to get in his ship's Freight Pod and escape to a high ledge.

The first day takes place in the area where Olimar's ship was attacked, which Olimar names Deceptive Meadow. In the daytime, this area is peaceful and has few enemies. Here, Olimar discovers a group of several Red Pikmin, although with no Onion insight. The controls are introduced, and the Spacious Barrel, an empty soda can, is collected, and from it, the Freight Pod builds the Storage Compartment. The first cave, the Discovery Hub, is entered, and the Mysterious Map, a highway map, is found and collected there, unlocking the Barren Desert for exploration. The Red Pikmin enter the Storage Compartment, and the Freight Pod ascends into the trees.

Day two, like day one, is also a tutorial day, meaning it has no time limit. The Freight Pod hovers over to the nearby Barren Desert, where it detects a distress signal. It drops Olimar off, and he finds Louie being chased by a Sandborb, which eats Louie's distress beacon just as Olimar approaches. The Freight Pod instructs Olimar to get his Red Pikmin and defeat the Sandborb. Once this is done, the Sandborb releases the Broken Beacon. Both the corpse and the Broken Beacon are carried back to the Freight Pod, and Louie then explains to Olimar that he had come to PNF-404 to find more creatures to bring back to Hocotate so he could come up with exotic recipes and become a famous cook. However, the ship he used was an old model and began to burn away as he entered the atmosphere. He ejected himself from it and landed in a nearby location he had named Frosty Fields. Louie joins Olimar, and most of the day is spent practicing the use of two leaders. Eventually, night comes, and the Pikmin are gathered into the Freight Pod with the leaders, and it hovers up into the sky to keep safe from nocturnal predators.

Day three is the final tutorial day. The Freight Pod travels to the place Louie landed after escaping from his ship. Louie's Pilot Seat is collected, and the Red Onion is discovered. Once the captains step near it, a group of twenty Red Pikmin come to it, carrying a defeated Fiery Bulblax. The rest of the day is spent learning how to use the Onions.