Pikmin: Wrath of Mr. B

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Pikmin: Wrath of Mr. B
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Wrath of Mr. B, a fanon game created by The.Real.Cakeman.
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Pikmin: Wrath of Mr. B is an upcoming game by Cakeman42. Not really ;).

That game is T for teens.


Olimar is in early retirement after he and Louie paid off Hocatote Freight's debt when they suddenly get a distress call from the Pikmin! He then flies off to Pikmin Planet to find that supervillain named Mr. B has created an army of vicous bugs and is bent on taking over the Planet!

Later in the game Olimar's son or Olimar's daughter (you pick) comes to help as a second character.


The areas in this game are larger than in Pikmin 1 or 2.


A button:

While commanding Pikmin: Pick a Pikmin up. When you release A, Olimar or Louie will throw the Pikmin.
When by a sprout: Pick the pikmin sprout out of the ground.
Without any Pikmin: Punch.

B button: Whistle. Hold it down longer to increase the range. Any Pikmin caught in the whistle will come to your command. Analog stick: Move in the direction you press the stick. If you hit a Pikmin while running, it will join you. You run as fast as a flower Red/Blue/Yellow Pikmin. C-Stick: Move your Pikmin group. They will go to a task if they bump into an object and they will lose your control. Y button: Switch leaders. All the pikmin under your control will go to the new leader. X buttons: Dismiss all of your Pikmin into groups of their color. D-Pad Up:

When not holding a Pikmin: Use an selected spray. When you do this a targeting reticule appears on the ground that you can move with the C-Stick and press A to spray. The spray will affect every enemy or pikmin in that reticule.
When holding a Pikmin: Swap your Pikmin for a leaf, bud, or flower Pikmin.

D-Pad Down:

When not holding a Pikmin:Hold to bring up spray menu. Use C-Stick to select spray.
When holding a Pikmin: Swap your Pikmin for a Leaf, Bud or Flower Pikmin.

D-Pad Left/Right: (only when holding a Pikmin) Swap your Pikmin for one of a different color.

L button:

Press: Center the camera behind Olimar/Son/Daughter.
Hold: Use the Analog Stick to rotate the camera.

R button:

Press: Switch to a closer or farther away camera angle.
Hold: Switches to a down-to-the-ground angle.

Z button: Switch to a top view and then back to an angled view. Start: Pause and continue the game. The L and R buttons switch between menus.


Is similar to Pikmin 2 but there are several changes: There are 3 different kinds of spray now, and they are selected via a small menu that pops up when D-Pad Down is pressed. Sprays:

Ultra-spicy spray
Ultra-bitter spray
Ultra-sour spray

New Pikmin:

Black Pikmin: Are covered in a tar like substance so they stick to walls and sticky traps don't affect them.
Orange Pikmin: Can lift Bomb Rocks and throw them.
Light Blue Pikmin: They can whistand cold temperatures.
Green Pikmin: pikminid resistant, cant be killed by acid spray.

In addition, each type of pikmin has a special ability that it can use after you find the right treasure. Pikmin Abilities:

Spicy Boost:Red pikmin breath fire on enemies.(onlyonly

occurs to red pikmin for a short time when you spray spray them with ultra-sour spray.

Bubble Boost:Blue pikmin toss bubbles of water at enemies.
Shock Boost:Yellow pikmin electrocute any nearby enemies,stunning them.
Crater Boost:Purple pikmin throw rocks onto enemies.
Hazmat Boost:White pikmin spray toxic gas at enemies, poisoning them.
Sticky Boost:Black pikmin spray enemies with tar, slowing them down.
Detonation Boost:Orange pikmin blast enemies, stunning them.
Frosty Boost:Light blue pikmin freeze enemies with cold blasts.

There are 2 new hazards, sticky and cold. Sticky hazards are flypaper or grease dollops. Cold hazards are CO2 jets or icicles. Game modes:

Adventure: Normal mode.
Challenge: Harder than Adventure, unlocked after beating Adventure.
Multiplayer: WiFi or Local.
Co-Op Adventure: 2nd player is Olimar's son or Olimar's daughter.
Vs. Mode:
Piklopedia: Can also be accessed ingame via the menu.
Treasure Hoard: Can also be accessed ingame.
Sound Player: After you get the Harmonious Monolith you can listen to ingame sounds here.

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