Pikmin 3: Olimar's Story

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Pikmin 3: Olimar's Story
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 3: Olimar's Story, a fanon game created by Chillv.
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Pikmin 3: Olimar's Story is a downloadable content expansion for Pikmin 3 that is also available as a standalone title. This game is focused on the events with Olimar and Louie instead of Alph, Brittany, and Charlie.


Hocotate Freight is once again in debt. However, the President now knows exactly what to do to solve his company's problem: he orders Olimar and Louie to go back to Pikmin Planet to find treasure to pay off the loan.


The gameplay is exactly the same as Pikmin 3 but instead of finding fruit, you are finding treasure like in Pikmin 2. In addition, there are sidequests you can do. These include placing data files, filming expedition logs, and burying objects. Also, the KopPad features and certain parts of certain areas are not able to be accessed.