Pikmin 4: Planetary Meltdown

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Pikmin 4: Planetary Meltdown
Rating E
Genre Real-time Strategy
Platforms Unknown
Media N/A
Publisher Nintendo
Prequel Pikmin 3
Creator Nintendoman1998

Pikmin 4: Planetary Meltdown is the fourth game in the Pikmin series. This game happens 35 years after the events of Pikmin 2.


The President of the Hocotate Freight has died 10 years ago, and Olimar got the company from his will. He turned Hocotate Frieght into Pikmin Travel Agency. After several years the Hocotate Health Department has seen heath problems with the Distant Planet. Also, many of the species have evolved into mutant creatures. Hocotate Health Department has only one choice is to blow up the Pikmin Planet in 60 days. Olimar with Louie and two new night employees Luke and Zeke, head to the Pikmin Planet to clean up the pollution. But on the way, they get in an asteroid field where they get hit and the parts fly toward the Pikmin Planet.


Pikmin 4: Planetary Meltdown is a three-dimensional strategy-based game. For the 3DS the controls are the same as Pikmin 2. For Wii U, the controls are the same but you move Pikmin with the touch screen and throw Pikmin with the touch screen by flinging up. There are 60 days in the game. What is new is you can play during the night by using Luke and Zeke. There is also new hazard pollution, the Shallow Pollution. This hazard is okay but deep pollution can kill a Pikmin instantly. There are also 8 new types of Pikmin.


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Red Pikmin


Red Pikmin are the first type of Pikmin you will find in the game. They will be attacking a Dwarf Red Bulborb near the base. They are fire-resistant. They are the least useful Pikmin. They are the one of two Pikmin to take down Fire Gates.

Yellow Pikmin

Yellow Pikmin by Scruffy.png

Yellow Pikmin are the third type of Pikmin to find. They are immune to electricity. They are able to pick up bomb rocks and are also immune to the explosions.