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Pikmin Chronicles
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Chronicles, a fanon game created by ShadowRaptor101.
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Pikmin Chronicles
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Rating Unknown
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Spore
Media Unknown
Publisher Unknown
Creator ShadowRaptor101

Pikmin Chronicles is a real-time strategy Pikmin game that was created by ShadowRaptor101 and is accessible through Spore. The first episode was published on May 31st, 2010.


The story takes place after Olimar and the President leave at the end of Pikmin 2. In most episodes, the player will take control of a single Pikmin and start out with a red and blue pikmin as allies, which can be replaced at any time. The player can have up to three allies. In other episodes, the player will control a captain.


In the first episode, the PIkmin are waving goodbye to The Ship as the Onions attempt to follow it. When the Onions come back to pick up the Pikmin before sundown, they realize that without Olimar's ship, the Purple and White Pikmin will have to stay behind. The Purple and White Pikmin take shelter in a nearby cave, and the Onions fly away.

Chapter 1

The Pikmin harvest and compete for pellets from a small area that has never been landed in by an onion. After propagating a little bit, the Pikmin construct a bridge across a small body of water and find a small geyser on the other side. Using the small geyser, they are propelled upwards onto a high ledge, where they find a cave. Once in the cave, they make their way to a large room filled with Dwarf Orange Bulborbs and Anode Dweevils. There are also two Volatile Dweevils that will occasionally fall from the ceiling. Once they find the next hole, they have the option to return to the surface to gain more allies or continue downward. On the next floor, they find themselves in a large grassy room with a gate blocking the path to the geyser. In the middle of the room is a sleepingEmperor Bulblax. It would be easier if the player knocks the gate down first before waking the Emperor Bulblax. Once the Emperor Bulblax is awakened, it will be too strong to kill, so the only choice is to escape to the surface using the geyser. Back on the Surface, the other Pikmin are still going about their business, until a loud roaring noise is heard and the ground shakes. All of a sudden, the angered Emperor Bulblax breaks through the ground and terrorizes the Pikmin. Using a nearby rusty can of bomb rocks and the other Pikmin as distractions, the player defeats the Emperor Bulblax, and the remaining Pikmin cheer and dance happily. After the Emperor Bulblax's defeat, its body is taken away and the player goes back down into the cave using the hole the Emperor Bulblax created when it busted through the floor. They find that the rock wall crumbled away when the Bulblax destroyed it, revealing a high ledge. Using a nearby Spring Clover, the Player is launched onto the higher ledge and sees a light a the other side...

Chapter 2

The Pikmin find themselves in an outside area beyond the cave. It is a serene and beautiful area that resembles a small version of the Wistful Wild. It is this area where the pikmin will encounter their first new enemy, a slug-like creature covered in a mold, called a Slam Jelly. When approached the Slam Jelly will begin the hiss at them, and unsure of what it can do to them, the Pikmin decide to leave it alone. Here, the Pikmin find a black gate, and upon destroying it, encounter a dormant onion. When approached, the Onion springs to life and ejects a seed. All three Pikmin use the strength to pluck it, and successfully do so. Upon plucking it, the pikmin slams onto the ground and creates a small rumble and a dust cloud. When the cloud clears a few seconds later, it is a Purple Pikmin! The Pikmin then help the Purple by gathering pellets from some nearby Pellet Posies, but the onion does not eject any seeds. While the pikmin simply stare at the onion waiting for something to happen, the Purple pikmin walks over to a larger Pellet Posy and harvests its 5-Pellet, which then generates 3 Purple Pikmin sprouts. It is then realized by the Player that the Onion requires more nutrients to make Purple Pikmin because of their molecular density. The Pikmin then use a nearby Spring Clover to launch the Purple Pikmin and themselves back over the ledge and go back into the cave tunnle to return to the Onions...

Chapter 3

This is the first Episode of Pikmin Chronicles that shows the second side of the story, which is what is happening to Olimar during the actual events of Pikmin Chronicles. It begins with Olimar landing back in front of Hocotate Freight's Yard, and the ship says that he going to empty out his cargo load, and then fly off. The President then congratulates Olimar but then notices something in the distance. It is Olimar's wife, son, Daughter, and their dog, Bulbie, running toward him! Olimar then runs up to them, and the screen then goes fixed into one position. It then talks about how Olimar spent that day with his family more than he ever has, and had a good night's sleep. The next day comes and Olimar is called to work by Louie, who tells him he needs to come to work early. Olimar and Louie arrive there and the President leads them through one of the newly-built office buildings past all of the cubicles and into a larger room in the back. The President then says that this will be Olimar and Louie's new workplace, for they have been promoted as promised! In the new, circular room, there is a big fancy table, that has a projector screen on it. The President says that he will be back soon but first has to guide all of the new employees in. Olimar and Louie spend some time checking out their new workplace, and then the president returns with some elderly people and says there is a matter that needs to be discussed...

Chapter 4

The conference has begun. The matter that must be resolved is revealed; Hocotate Freight's sister company, Hocotate Mining, has unearthed a large portion of a radioactive element, which must be disposed of, as it is harmful and extremely dangerous. The people at the table throw out random ideas, all of which are rejected by the President (Louie even proposes a ridiculous idea, which causes him to be ejected out of the room by being launched out through the glass ceiling. The question he asks is similar to the question Patrick asks in the episode of Spongebob Squarepants, "Alaskan Bull Worm"). Olimar finally comes up with the solution that they need to pull the radioactive chunk out of the ground and fling it into deep space. This idea is accepted by everyone, but one member adds that they should attach a probe to it so that they can monitor it to keep it from hitting another planet. The conference has come to a conclusion, and Olimar walks out the door, preparing for the next day...(If you wait long enough after the conference is over, Louie will walk back into the room and whine.)

Chapter 5

The Chapter begins with Olimar walking through the Canyon that leads to the area where the meteor is. When he gets there, Giant worm-like animals and an even larger moth-like animal begin to attack the president. Olimar and the pilots of the ships help dispose of the creatures. The President then tells Olimar to approach the meteorite. When he does, the little robot who will stay with the meteorite, ROBOPAK, will jump on top of it. After Olimar gives the command to do so, the Ships then attach themselves to the radioactive chunk, and successfully lift it from the ground and carry it away(after which, all of the purple fog and the ominous humming noises will be gone). The president then congratulates Olimar on his success and informs him of the tasks he needs to perform daily; Checking the monitor linked to ROBOPAK's camera.

Chapter 6

The Chapter takes place in the same area as the prologue. The onions land along with the new purple onion to recollect the purple pikmin from the prologue. There are some Mamutas walking around the area, but they will not harm you unless you harm them. There is also a small patch of grass in the northwestern area of the map. If the player walks near here, a Burrowing Snagret will emerge to attack you. Once ready, the player can jump down the cave entrance. On the first sublevel, there is a Breadbug that wanders around the area. It will run away if you attack it. There is a spiral-like stone in the middle. If the play walks up it, they will find a hole, and an Iridescent Flint Beetle, which will also flee if you attack it. When you drop down the hole, you will land in a small moist area where all the other purple pikmin are hiding. There are also some Honeywisps drifting high above the ground and there are some large branches. The pikmin will realize that there is no way to get out of the hole now, and can only hope that the other pikmin will realize they are missing and decide the help them...

Pikipik Spoffit

In each episode of Pikmin Chronicles, there is a hidden Creature called a Pikpik Spoffit which is a Spoffit with a Pikmin's stem and leaf. If the play finds one, they can click on it to learn something about the actual games of Pikmin, or something about the Creator of Pikmin Chronicles, ShadowRaptor101. They only appear in one act per episode though, so the player may have to keep looking in the same spots over and over again if they want to find it.

Download and Play!

Pikmin Chronicles does not require the Creepy and Cute Expansion Pack. All that is needed to play it is Spore, Galactic Adventures, and some episodes use the Exolimbs, although anyone who updates their game regularly should have these.

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