Pikmin Overgrowth

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Pikmin Overgrowth
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Overgrowth, a fanon game created by Starmin Maker.
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Pikmin Overgrowth
Rating E
Genre Action, Adventure, Strategy
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media Unknown
Publisher Pikmin Fanon
Creator Starmin Maker


Pikmin Overgrowth and its sequels take place in an alternate timeline where Pikmin are the dominant species of PNF-404. Their only threat is an unknown entity that lurks deep in the darkest reaches of the caves.


Instead of having days with time limits, areas are visited until the player decides to return to the hub, with no time limit. Gameplay is much more puzzle based, and areas are much larger as well, making up for the loss of time limit. However, there is still a Day/Night cycle. During the night, a couple of things change. Nocturnal enemies such as Bulborbs, will be awake, and vice versa. It will become significantly darker, causing Pikmin to trip and fall more often (Unless Glowmin are in the party), and limiting visibility. Enemies will randomly spawn in large numbers over time. There also some unique enemies that will only spawn during the night.


  • Red Pikmin- immune to fire, can walk on burning ground, can carry flames on their leaves/buds/flowers 1.5x damage, average speed
  • Orange Pikmin- can swim in lava, 2x damage, quite slow
  • Yellow Pikmin- immune to shock, can be thrown very high, conducts electricity, is able to carry bomb rocks, 1.2x damage, quite fast
  • Green/Mold Pikmin- immune to acid; 3x attack; VERY slow
  • Blue Pikmin- immune to drowning; 1.0x attack; runs average speed; swims fast
  • Teal Pikmin- immune to being frozen; 0.8x attack; relatively quick
  • Purple Pikmin- has the strength of ten Pikmin; 5x impact damage; extremely slow
  • Black Pikmin- can see in the dark; 0.6x attack; very fast
  • Rock Pikmin- can break crystals; immune to crushing; 2x impact damage; can't latch on to enemies; 1.5x attack; somewhat slow
  • Light Pikmin- glow in the dark; prevents other Pikmin from tripping in dark areas; 0.4x attack; quite fast
  • White Pikmin- can poison enemies with attacks; 0.5x attack; VERY fast
  • Diamond Pikmin- immune to everything; can walk on the ground under water; shatters into shards that can harm enemies upon defeat; 1x attack; relatively fast
  • Grey/Heli Pikmin- can switch between flying or walking depending on chosen task; .25x attack, quite fast
  • Wood Pikmin- are extremely sturdy; instantly dies from fire, 2.3x attack, slightly slow
  • Bulbmin - immune to fire, water, and electricity; encountered in the wild; can blend in with other enemies; 2.5x damage; average speed