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Pikmin Tactics is a game for the Nintendo Wii. It uses gameplay elements from the classic Pikmin games, as well as real-time stragegy elements. It has very unique, new modes of gameplay, such as the option to create your own Pikmin army, grow a farm of PikPik Carrots, and battle other armies, in-game or online.

List of Available Pikmin:

Pikmin can be found in their respective Onions, though some Pikmin do not have Onions and are instead found around the planet. They include...

List of Playable Characters:

The character that you are playing as can be switched and customized using the S.S. Dolphin's options menu. You can change the character and outfit/skin colors of the character. Some characters must be unlocked by completing a certain task. The available characters include...


Olimar and Louie were celebrating their successful mission with The President at The Wide House. Olimar & Louie were now heroes in the fields of astronomy and biology, bringing back samples of Pikmin, Bulborbs, and other astounding things from the Pikmin Planet.

More to come...


Many locations from Pikmin 2 are brought back in Pikmin Tactics. Any of the playable characters can return to these areas using the S.S. Dolphin if they have already conquered all of the opposing forces in the previous areas. They include...

  • Valley of Repose - The snowy valley where the two adventurers first land. They first discover Red, Purple, and Cyan Pikmin here.
  • Awakening Wood - The miniature forest where they first discover White, Green, and Mushroom Pikmin.
  • Perplexing Pool - The watery area where they first discover Blue Pikmin.
  • Wistful Wild - Another forest with harsh enemies where they first discover Orange Pikmin and Bulbmin.
  • Menacing Marsh - A newly discovered area where the final boss is fought and where they discover Black Pikmin.


The Piklopedia is much like Pikmin 2's, but has some new enemies. See it here...