Pikmin: Attack of the Zoo

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Pikmin: Attack of the Zoo
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Attack of the Zoo, a fanon game created by Darko191.
Pikmin: Attack of the Zoo
Rating E
Genre Adventure
Platforms Wii
Media Optical disk
Release dates Never
Creator Darko191

Pikmin: Attack of the Zoo is a fanon Pikmin game created by Darko191.


Olimar and Louie return from their mission, and Olimar tells the Hocotatian people of his adventures on PNF-404 with the Pikmin and encounters with alien wildlife. Inadvertently, two zookeepers hear of Olimar's stories, and they think the Pikmin would make for great zoo exhibits. They spring into their rocket and blast off towards the Planet of the Pikmin. After Olimar catches wind of this, he gets Louie and they return to the Distant Planet together in their spaceship to catch the zookeepers. After Olimar and Louie land, however, a bulborb devours their ship, adding to their problems. To make matters worse, the bulborb spits out most of the ship's parts all over the planet, but retains the ship's skeleton and turns into the Mecha Bulborb. Now, Olimar and Louie must not only find the zookeepers and recover the ship's parts but also defeat the Mecha Bulborb. However, with much luck, they find a Red Onion, and the adventure begins again...


  • Adventure mode: the main story. Supports one two two players.
  • Battle mode: supports between two to three players, who play each as Olimar, Louie, and the President, and face off against one another.
  • Pikmin mode: propagate as many Pikmin as possible.
  • Creature mode: be an enemy and survive as long as possible. Begin life as an egg, hatch into a larva, and develop into an adult.
  • Zookeeper mode: be a zookeeper and catch as many creatures as possible without dying.



  1. Impact Site
  2. Forest of Hope
  3. Triangle Mountain
  4. Tree Desert
  5. Tropical Island
  6. Distant Spring
  7. Forest Navel
  8. Flying Swamp
  9. Machine Forest


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