Pikmin: Before

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Pikmin: Before
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Before, a fanon game created by Wilfredlam0418.
Pikmin: Before
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Creator Wilfredlam0418

Pikmin: Before is a fanon game created by Wilfredlam0418. In it, Earthio, an examiner from Landiy, goes to a mysterious planet to examine its terrain. While preparing to land, his ship, the S.S. Earth, broke and he crash-landed on the planet. He discovered some Pikmin that would help him leave.


When Earthio first found the mysterious planet, he immediately went there to examine the terrain there. However, the rocket broke and he crash-landed on the Starter Land and lost the engine. He got up and discovered the Red Onion. He plucked a Red Pikmin and he used it to fight against the bulborbs in the area.

After using the Pikmin to fight the grub-dogs and examining the terrain of the Starter Land, Earthio moved on to Gardenia Beach. Gardenia Beach was a beautiful place until the Water-Eater decided to throw the trash from the ocean to the beach. Luckily, Earthio discovered Blue Pikmin. He threw the Blue Pikmin into the Water-Eater and defeated it. Blue Pikmin were very useful because he could explore the deepest oceans with them.

Later on, Earthio went to the Explosy Walls to discover Yellow Pikmin. He used the bomb rocks there to attack the Elemasterer, which involved using all three currently discovered Pikmin types. When he found a dead end, he could use some bomb rocks to destroy the land blocking him.

In the final area, the Blanket Boss, Earthio discovered Screwdriver Pikmin. After he unscrewed the blanket's nails, a meteor destroyed the blanket and crushed any non-Screwdriver Pikmin. The Wraithroller could jump on the Pikmin, so he used Screwdriver Pikmin. After The Wraithroller's defeat, he found his engine and went back to Landiy.