Pikmin: Return to Planet Pikmin

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Pikmin: Return to Planet Pikmin
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Return to Planet Pikmin, a fanon game created by Orange Yoda.
Pikmin: Return to Planet Pikmin
Rating Unknown
Genre Adventure, role-playing, racing
Platforms Wii U, Nintendo DS
Media Optical disc, cartridge, digital download
Creator Orange Yoda

Pikmin: Return to Planet Pikmin, known as Pikmin 5: Planet Pikpik Challenge in Japan, is a adventure, role-playing, and racing Pikmin fangame created by Orange Yoda.



Choosing the second and third options allows inputting a custom name for those characters.


Pikmin are listed in order of discovery.


Areas can only be entered after meeting certain criteria for the first time. Every area from Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2 can be visited, and, except for the Impact Site, each requires one hundred Pikmin to visit.

Area Entry Requirements
Impact Site None.
Forest of Happiness Thirty Red Pikmin.
Water Forest Ten Blue Pikmin and fifty Red Pikmin.
Sand Acid Beach Twenty-one Blue Pikmin.
Grape Jungle Three Purple Pikmin by Day 12.
Bomb-rock Haven Fifteen Yellow Pikmin.
Poison Pearl Ten Purple Pikmin, eighty-five Yellow Pikmin, three Blue Pikmin, and two Red Pikmin.
Deep Toxic Space Fourteen of each Pikmin.