Paper Pikmin

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Paper Pikmin
This article and section presents information pertaining to Paper Pikmin, a fanon game created by KirbyKrafter.
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Paper Pikmin
PP box art.png
Rating E-e 10+ for Comic mischief
Genre rpg
Platforms Wii, Wii U, 3ds
Media Nintendo optical disc, soundtrack
Publisher Pikmin Fanon
Prequel Pikmin 2
Sequel Pikmin 3
Creator KirbyKrafter

Paper Pikmin is a Pikmin fangame made by KirbyKrafter for the wii, 3ds, and wii u platforms based off the game paper Mario.


Olimar crash lands on a paper planet identical to the Pikmin planet and he finds Pikmin-like beings made of an unknown substance that he calls paper. He finds that vital parts of his ship are missing and he must find them to get off the planet. he finds that there is paint polluting the area and paintbrushes and special Pikmin using paint to pollute.

When the player beats all of the paint monsters from the painter Pikmin the ship blasts off and he leaves the planet. When he looks back at the planet he sees that the place where he blasted off was on fire! Then a painter Pikmin puts it out with paint and waves along with the other Pikmin.


Wii u

  • Use the stylus to move
  • A to call Pikmin off
  • B to move Pikmin
  • X and stylus to call Pikmin
  • Y throw Pikmin

3ds controls

  • R plus-circle pad call Pikmin.
  • Circle pad move
  • X move Pikmin
  • A throw Pikmin
  • Y call Pikmin off

Wii controls

Requires nunchuck

  • C-stick move
  • A plus pointer to call Pikmin
  • B call Pikmin off
  • Z throw Pikmin
  • 1 switch Pikmin