Pikmin: Attack of the Shadow

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Pikmin: Attack of the Shadow
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Attack of the Shadow, a fanon game created by SuperPikminFan.
Pikmin: Attack of the Shadow
Rating 8/10
Genre Strategy
Platforms Nintendo DS, Wii
Media Wii optical disc
Release dates October 25th, 3735
Prequel Pikmin 2
Creator SuperPikminFan

Pikmin: Attack of the Shadow is a fanon Pikmin game created by SuperPikminFan.


When Olimar, Louie, and the President go back to Hocotate, some plasm from the Waterwraith falls off of Olimar's and Louie's suits. Solar wind carries it all back to the Planet of the Pikmin, where it settles in a forest area with much life. The plasm mutates due to the pressure, creating the Shadowraith. It bites all of the creatures there to receive their genetic information, allowing it to mutate the DNA to produce shadowy duplicates of the creatures it pulled the genetic information from. Left unsupervised, the Shadowraith continually performs this process for three years.

At some point, a Pikmin goes outside of its Onion and sees that there are many new and dangerous creatures made of shadow. They had killed mostly every Pikmin and other species on the planet. Olimar hears a news report on the events and goes to the Pikmin Planet to see how the Pikmin are faring. When he arrives, he witnesses the utter devastation the Shadowraith had caused. He must destroy the shadow creatures, and ultimately, the Shadowraith.



There are a total of ten areas and nineteen caves. After saving the Pikmin Planet, they can all be freely visited.

First trip
  • Forest of Hope
    • Hope Cavern
  • Impact Site
    • Impact Range
  • Distant Spring
    • Distant Den
    • Progg Realm
  • Last Trial
    • Last Trial
Second trip
  • Awakening Wood
    • Woods Center
    • Shadow Pool
  • Wistful Wild
    • Water Kingdom
    • Fire Kingdom
    • Electricity Kingdom
  • Valley of Repose
    • Purple Realm
    • Poisonous Realm
  • Perplexing Pool
    • Perplexing Cavern
    • End of the Planet
Third trip
  • Shadow Kingdom
    • Shadow Cavern
    • Shadow Realm
    • Shadow Den
    • Shadow Kingdom
  • Final Trial
    • Core of the Pikmin Planet