Pikmin: Journey for Treasures

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Pikmin: Journey for Treasures
This article or section contains information pertinent to Pikmin: Journey for Treasures, a fanon game created by ThePikminMeister.
Pikmin: Journey for Treasures
Rating E10+ for comic mischief and mild violence
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Pikira
Media Optical disc
Publisher Ducky Empire Inc.
Creator ThePikminMeister

Pikmin: Journey for Treasures is a fanon Pikmin game created by ThePikminMeister, with ideas submitted by other users here.


Xylo and Yeta are workers at Hocotate Freight. One day, the President discovers that someone had been buying expensive items, an action that created a debt of P2 Poko icon.png × 20,000. Olimar and Louie are nowhere to be found, so Xylo steps in to save Hocotate Freight. Yeta doesn't want her friend to do this alone, so she decides to help. They set off in the S.S. Zymph. Soon, they realize that they had no idea where they are going, but they see the Pikmin Planet and decide to land there. However, Yeta is impatient, and before they land, she jumps out of the S.S. Zymph and lands out of Xylo's sight. Xylo lands in a tropical area. He gets out of the ship and looks around. He walks for a while and then spots a sprout buried in the ground. He pulls it out to reveal a Red Pikmin! Meanwhile, Yeta is in an icy area. She sees a Blue Pikmin sprout and plucks it. The Blue Pikmin sees something behind Yeta, and it runs away. Yeta turns around, and the screen goes dark as a shadow looms over her. Xylo follows the Red Pikmin to a Red Onion, which blossoms. The Red Pikmin runs to a nearby pellet and picks it up, bringing it back to the Onion. The Onion ejects two seeds, and Xylo is amazed. He crosses a bridge to find a playing card on the ground. He commands the Pikmin to bring it back to the S.S. Zymph. When they do so, the ship says that it is worth some Pokos. The day then ends.


Areas and caves

Alternate game modes

In Pikmin: Journey for Treasures, there are three other game modes besides Story Mode. They are listed below.

Collect the Treasures

Collect the Treasures involves collecting various treasures in a variety of locations. Pikmin must be created by bringing corpses to their respective Onions. Usually, Xylo and Yeta are present at the same time, although sometimes only one is playable. The playable maps in this mode are:

Boss Rush

Boss Rush involves fighting every boss in the game, one after another, in a cave, each sublevel having a boss. It is unlocked after defeating every boss of every cave in Story Mode.


In Brawl, up to four players face off against one another. Players must grow Pikmin in other to cause their opponents, whether by fighting, luring enemies, coaxing them into hazards, and more. Players one, two, three, and four respectively play as Xylo, Yeta, Olimar, and Louie.