Pikmin: The Return

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Pikmin: The Return
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Return, a fanon game created by PurplePikminPower.
Pikmin: The Return
PTR box art.jpg
Rating E (Everyone)
Genre Puzzle, Real-time strategy
Platforms Wii U, Pikira
Media Optical disk
Publisher Purple Power Inc.
Prequel Pikmin 1
Sequel Pikmin: Planetary Evolution
Creator PurplePikminPower

Pikmin: The Return is a real-time strategy game created by PurplePikminPower that succeeds Pikmin 1, and precedes Pikmin: Planetary Evolution.


After returning to Hocotate, the President informs Olimar of a strange signal coming from the Planet of the Pikmin, so Olimar is sent to check it out. Upon arriving on the planet, he decides to land in a grassy field, which he names the Field of Adventure. While landing, however, Olimar accidentally lands on the satellite emitting the signal. The parts are scattered by the force of the landing, and it becomes Olimar's goal to find them. He then finds Bronze Pikmin and Red Pikmin, and after finding every piece his radar could detect, he heads for the next area.

Hanging Oaks

Olimar lands his ship on a tree stump with many overhangs, and he names it the Hanging Oaks. The landing zone is overrun when he gets there; many Cranky Long Legs' are flattening the area, and a very large Giga Long Legs is visible in the background. Surprisingly, the Giga Long Legs has solar panels protecting it, so when Olimar finds Oil Pikmin, he gets an idea and defeats all of the creatures. Olimar then discovers a strange object, which springs up and attacks him randomly once he gets close enough. and after defeating it, he names it the Sneaky Starnel.

Dusk Den

After finding all five pieces in the Hanging Oaks, Olimar heads toward a small crevice, where the ship detects four parts. Olimar then finds himself in a large cave which he names the Dusk Den. Olimar finds a strange beast wandering around the cavern; while looking at it, he names it the Bulborst. Once it sees Olimar, though, it attacks.

Final Frontier

After collecting the pieces in the Dusk Den, Olimar leaves to where the ship detects the final piece, which Olimar names the Final Frontier. There, Olimar finds a ginormous beast, which he names the Scorpiod. The beast drops the final piece of the satellite and Olimar heads home after collecting it. After putting it back together, it turns out to be... a nuclear toaster oven. Louie then runs away with it while Olimar faints.

Unbeknownst to Olimar, a creature had stowed itself away on the ship. The gases in Hocotate's atmosphere cause it to mutate, and it attacks Hocotate Freight's headquarters. Fortunately, the Onions land nearby, and Olimar and the Pikmin go to battle against the behemoth, which he calls the Kingkolab.




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