Pikmin 3: Attack of the Bulbmin

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Pikmin 3: Attack of the Bulbmin
Rating E
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Unknown
Media Unknown
Publisher Unknown
Release dates Unknown
Prequel Pikmin 2
Creator Unknown


Many things have changed since Captain Olimar had last visited the Planet of the Pikmin. The Pikmin though, have not learned much from Olimar. They seemed to be eaten more often by bulborbs more than any other creatures on the planet! There seem to be more Bulbmin too. One day, a smart Red Pikmin was fooling around in his leaf house and got eaten by a Red Bulborb. Its roots though got into the Bulborb's brain and nervous system and then became a Bulbmin. The Pikmin's roots though went deep into the nervous system and activated capabilities the bulborb itself didn't even know it had. This includes fire breath, poisonous flatulence, electric eyes, and a watery forcefield. The young Bulbmin then started teaching other Bulbmin how to use these powers to their advantage. Pretty soon all Bulbmin had full access to these powers, and soon enough, almost every other creature was extinct except the Pikmin. One scary, dark night, the Bulbmin got their entire army together and began preparing to attack the Pikmin. When it seemed as if all hope was lost for the Pikmin, the Leader of the Pikmin decided to retreat by flying away from the Pikmin Planet. As soon as the leader of the Pikmin got the navigation system ready, a King Bulborb smashed all of the remaining Pikmin and caused the extinction of all Pikmin. The Onions had left just in time. They were heading for Olimar, which the Onions can sense somehow. The Pikmin needed Olimar's help very badly.


This story takes place on planet Hocotate, Olimar's homeworld. The Onions have traveled through space to find Hocotate, and after what seemed like days, they finally found planet Hocotate.