Pikmin: Planetary Encounters

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Pikmin: Planetary Encounters
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Planetary Encounters, a fanon game created by Bulborb bro.
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Pikmin: Planetary Encounters is a Pikmin fangame created by Bulborb bro.


Three years since the evolutionary changing process has been stopped by our heroes, Olimar and Louie. Ever since then, the Pikmin Planet calmed its rate of evolutionary change and returned to normal and the threat ratio of space has been relieved. The food chain of the planet has been turned back to normal. Since that moment of time, Olimar has carefully been observing space wave patterns that have been found near the Pikmin {lanet, hoping that one day, a new planet may be born to explore. One day, while observing the planet once again, Olimar picked up a signal coming from the distant planet. What he had seen had blown his mind completely. He had hoped to see one planet, but he got six planets! Eager to leave, he went to Louie's house (by the way, Louie has a new job of being a food connoisseur and lives a good life) and told him about the readings. He didn't want to go but it didn't matter to Olimar because as soon as Louie shook his head no, Olimar grabbed him by the arm and dragged him away to their new ship. The S.S Dolphin 2.0 and blasted off. But what they didn't know is that the President, Sacho had joined the journey as well. They blasted off to the Pikmin {lanet first because when they tried to go to one of the other planets, the gravitational waves they were emitting wouldn't let them get near the planet. They were going to need extra parts for their ship in order to explore the new planets. As they were daydreaming they had crashed on an uncharted part of the planet, which was actually full of life and, not to mention, Pikmin. When Olimar got up, he saw that Louie had vanished. He was sent flying away to another part of the area. Olimar was about to go look for him when the President stumbled out of the ship, literally coughing up smoke. He was surprised to see him, but he had to find Louie so he and the president went searching. They had no idea what was in store for them in this new and huge adventure.


The main story of this game is to collect parts of your ship that fell during the crash. The first day you go looking for Louie there is no time limit, so you can take your time in searching for both him and the engine part to your ship. After you complete the first day, you are able to explore more of the Pikmin planet and search for both ship parts and treasure parts. After you complete the main story by getting most of the parts to return back to Hocotate to repair and improve your ship in order to explore the new planets, you can now explore the other planets after you get at least 55 collectibles on each planet in order. (For example, on the first planet, Aridia, you will have to collect at least 55 collectibles, in order to go to the next planet and so on). Then you will have to go to the final planet in order to face the final boss. Then you can either choose to return to the planet or go back to the main menu.


  • Challenge Mode – unlocked by completing and getting the boss treasure in Horrific Hollow. There are fifty challenge mode levels that can be unlocked just like in Pikmin 2, and increase in difficulty as progress is made.
  • Hard Mode – unlocked by completing story mode. In this mode, Olimar's son and daughter are playable characters. Areas and caves are much more difficult and are populated by more enemies, and leaders have less health, but there is more time during the day. Additionally, enemies may be present in different locations or be absent from normal ones; for example, Spotty Bulbears appear in Echo Woods, an area on the Pikmin Planet, but in hard mode, they appear in Wistful Junction and Echo Woods. A new gameplay aspect in this mode is creature migration, wherein enemies travel in vast numbers between areas and even planets and will remain there for up to three days.
  • Scavenger Mode – unlocked by collecting every treasure in story mode. It's a 2-player battle-type mode where each player has a list of items to collect before the other one does. They can be treasures, ship parts, enemy corpses, and generic materials.
  • Boss Blitz – unlocked by finding and fighting every boss in the game. In Boss Blitz, fifteen of the many bosses are fought sequentially and defeating them all results in victory. After completing the first round on easy mode, medium, hard, or intense modes can be selected. After clearing every difficulty level, a message will appear that reads "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE A PIKMIN GENIUS!".




  1. Pikmin
  2. Aridia
  3. Aquard
  4. Tundria
  5. Mechna
  6. Ferial
  7. Lordane



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