Pikmin 3: The New Exploration

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Pikmin 3: The New Exploration
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 3: The New Exploration, a fanon game created by KoopaKing.
Pikmin 3: The New Exploration
Rating Unknown
Genre Unknown
Platforms Unknown
Media Unknown
Prequel Pikmin 2
Creator KoopaKing

Pikmin 3: The New Exploration is a fanon Pikmin game made by KoopaKing.


Olimar and the President prepare to leave the Pikmin Planet and return home, to Hocotate, with their treasures in tow. Olimar asks the Pikmin to put Louie in a pool of water so he could wake up. After packing, they leave the planet. All five of the Pikmin species look down and start crying, and each species goes on to different areas to make them their homes. Meanwhile, back on Hocotate, the ship begins an auction to sell every treasure to different citizens, and makes an extra ten Pokos by selling Louie to his grandmother. Afterward, the President takes the Pokos and goes shopping with Olimar, who, on the way to the store, looks up to the sky and wonders how the Pikmin are doing. When they get to the store, the President gives Olimar half of the Pokos, keeping the rest for himself. He tells Olimar that the rest would go to the debt he had to pay. Olimar looks at the Pokos gratefully and then goes to buy back his ship, the S.S. Dolphin. He flies back to the Planet of the Pikmin in it and vows to stay with them for as long as they need.



Red Pikmin
This type of Pikmin can handle the blasts from fire. They have a unique skill, which is to smell different hazards in the surrounding area. They let a captain know about it by tapping them on the shoulder.
Yellow Pikmin
Yellow Pikmin can be thrown to high places and can also handle electrical shocks. Furthermore, they can handle bomb rocks.
Blue Pikmin
Blue Pikmin love to swim in water, and act as lifeguards for other Pikmin.
Purple Pikmin
The strongest Pikmin of all. They can stun many enemies and carry ten times their own weight.
White Pikmin
The fastest Pikmin of all, White Pikmin can uncover hidden objects and survive poison and harmful gasses.
Cyan Pikmin
This type of Pikmin can defrost snow and ice blocks. They can also flower themselves by using the water they store in their stems.
Green Pikmin
A type of Pikmin that can survive acid exposure and can kill many plants with one touch.
Black Pikmin
This type of Pikmin can stick to enemies for a long time because of their muddy hands and feet.