Louie's family

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Louie's grandmother
Louie's grandmother.png
Name Louie's grandmother
Gender Female
Age Elderly (age unknown)
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Gray
Home planet Hocotate
Known related characters Grandson

Three members of Louie's family are alluded to: his father, his aunt, and his grandmother. All of them seem to be quite fond of bugs.

Louie's grandmother shows a lot of love for Louie, as well as a lot of concern when he is missing. She describes fond memories of Louie as a boy and how bugs loved him, or rather, loved biting him. She also talks about how she made Louie eat bugs and how he loves pikpik carrots, and she apparently sends preserved bug food. After all the treasures have been collected, Louie's grandmother sends one final message, in which she shows her pride in how Louie has become an "extraordinary man". It appears as though she is not alone, given how at one point she uses the term "we" in one of her messages.

Louie's father has no known personality and is mentioned only briefly in a message from Louie's grandmother.

Louie's aunt is only briefly mentioned by the President, who refers to her as Louie's "auntie". She is mentioned to have sent some cookies to the President.

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