Pikmin 5: Louie's Revenge

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Pikmin 5: Louie's Revenge
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 5: Louie's Revenge, a fanon game created by Pikminfan2023.
Not to be confused with Pikmin: Louie's Revenge or Pikmin: Louie's Adventure.
Pikmin 5: Louie's Revenge
Rating E 10+
Genre Puzzle
Platforms Nintendo Switch 2
Media Unknown
Prequel Pikmin 4
Sequel Pikmin 6: Breadmin's Return
Creator Pikminfan2023

Pikmin 5: Louie's Revenge is a Pikmin puzzle game made by Pikminfan2023. It is the sequel to Pikmin 4, and the prequel to Pikmin 6: Breadmin's Return.


After the events of Pikmin 4, Louie decides to get revenge and attempt to rule the world by summoning the Pikmin God. Meanwhile, Olimar crashlands on PNF-404 again.





  • Wild Garden
    • Starting Cave
    • Foreboding Forest
    • Magma Chambers
    • Perplexing Maze
  • Cavernous Canyon
    • Echoing Hole
    • Wollywog Den
    • Subterranean Garden
    • Gravity Grotto
  • Luminous Lagoon
    • Citadel of Corals
    • Kingdom of Bulbmin
    • Tunnel of Pixels
    • Creepy Castle
  • Hero's Bunker
    • Tech Tunnel
    • Resilient Retreat
    • Loafbug's Diner
    • Valor Vault
  • Skyward Summit
    • Celestial Cavern
    • Nimbus Nexus
    • Tempest Tunnel
    • Hole of Bloyster
  • Nebula Nexus
    • Bogswallow Pit
    • Frost Valley
    • Hole of Death
    • Champion's Challenge