Pikmin: Revelation

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Pikmin: Revelation is a game being made by Lordpikmin12. Olimar and Louie have discovered that something catastrophic on a global scale is happening on the Pikmin Planet...


Five years after Pikmin 2, Captain Olimar, his family and Louie go to the beach to celebrate. All of a sudden the President of Hocotate Freight arrives and tells Olimar and Louie that they need to go back because of a global emergency scientists discovered happening on the Pikmin Planet. Shocked at this, Olimar asks the President if he can take his family with him, to which the President says yes. Then, Olimar makes a run to the Hocotate Freight and makes some changes to the Hocotate Ship. Two hours pass and Olimar had finished the upgrading. The fivesome arrive on the Pikmin Planet to find some horrid changes...


  • Awakening Wood
  • The Forest Navel
  • The Forest of Hope
  • Forbidden Wastelands
  • Sandy Metropolis
  • Bulborb Plains
  • The Royal Factories of Faith


There are the typical bosses from other games, as well as new bosses.

  • Pileated Snagret
  • Empress Bulblax
  • Emperor Bulblax
  • Spotted Wollywog
  • Mechawog
  • Giga Progg
  • Gigastool
  • Lifeless Chrysanthemum


  • [Red Pikmin] immune to fire the first type of Pikmin you encounter. Has a onion
  • Yellow Pikmin Immune to electricity can be thrown higher than any other type. Has a onion
  • [Pink Pikmin] same size as white pikmin, Has wings can glide . Found in rose Candypop bud
  • [Blue Pikmin] immune to water hazards cant drown. Has an onion
  • [Purple Pikmin] no immunities but are heaviest and strongest fighters. Has an onion
  • [Green Pikmin] Immune to acid. has an onion
  • [Tan Pikmin] Immune to quicksand. Found in Khaki Candypop buds
  • [Lavender Pikmin]Immune to ice related enemies and hazards
  • [Brown Pikmin] Their onion is can go in caves. They can make tunnels for you to travel through
  • [Black Pikmin] Immune to the dark and you can decide whether to continue exploring or go to sunset
  • [Orange Pikmin] Immune to Explosions very chubby and very slow but not as chubby and slow as purple pikmin
  • [Hairy Bulbmin]] Found above ground. They dont have an onion appear every 3 days