Pikmin: The Titan Dweevil's Return

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Pikmin: The Titan Dweevil's Return
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Titan Dweevil's Return, a fanon game created by UglydollPikmin.
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Pikmin: The Titan Dweevil's Return
Rating Unknown
Genre Unknown
Platforms Nintendo GameCube
Media Optical disk
Creator UglydollPikmin

Pikmin: The Titan Dweevil's Return is a Pikmin fangame created by UglydollPikmin.


Olimar and Louie are heading home when they notice something: the Purple Pikmin and White Pikmin! Making a U-turn, they head back. What they didn't know was the White Pikmin and Purple Pikmin did leave. The Titan Dweevil had returned, and they had fallen into its trap, and the Pikmin are becoming extinct.





While all enemies from Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2 have returned, the following are new:



  • GCN Stick.png – move current leader
  • GCN A.png – pluck Pikmin, hold and throw Pikmin, punch
  • GCN B.png – whistle
  • GCN C.png – move group
  • GCN Start.png – pause, look at map
  • GCN X.png – disband group
  • GCN Dpadup.png – use ultra-bitter spray
  • GCN Dpaddown.png – use ultra-spicy spray
  • GCN Dpadleft.png – use ultra-sweet spray
  • GCN Dpadright.png – use ultra-sour spray