Be a Bulborb and Eat Pikmin

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Be a Bulborb and Eat Pikmin
This article or section presents information pertaining to Be a Bulborb and Eat Pikmin, a fanon game created by Eshu237.
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Be a Bulborb and Eat Pikmin
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Creator Eshu237

Be a Bulborb and Eat Pikmin, BaBaEP for short, is a fictional Pikmin fangame made by Eshu237. It is closely inspired by both Bulborb Game and Bloons Tower Defense 6 in concept and gameplay.


During the events of Pikmin 4, a hungry Bulborb roams the land, hunting for some Pikmin to feast on.

Game Modes

There are currently three game modes to play in. Each has their own ruleset and mechanics, and some can be unlocked as you progress through the game.

Classic Mode

The normal form of gameplay. Eat all the Pikmin in the area to win.

Areas can be explored during day or night, and there are four total difficulties to play on, each rewarding a medal upon clearing it for the first time.

  • Rookie: 30 Pikmin. Being stunned lasts slightly shorter, and Pikmin are more likely to trip or stumble, even Pikmin that normally don't have a small chance to. Awards a bronze medal.
  • Casual: 50 Pikmin. The normal difficulty mode of Classic. No special rules or mechanics are present. Awards a silver medal.
  • Veteran: 70 Pikmin. Pikpik carrots appear sometimes, and they have a 15% chance of being bitter. Eating non-bitter carrots gives a 1.25x point bonus for 15 seconds, but eating bitter carrots stuns the Bulborb for some time. Bitter carrots can be identified by their orange sparkles. Pikmin have a greater chance to retaliate from attacks, and White Pikmin deplete 1/10th of the Bulborb's total health when eaten. Awards a gold medal.
  • Ultra-Spicy: 100 Pikmin. Pikpik carrots give a 1.5x point bonus instead of 1.25x, but bitter carrots have a 25% chance of appearing and sparkle less, making them harder to identify. White Pikmin deplete 1/5th of the Bulborb's maximum health when eaten. Awards a platinum medal.

Siege Mode

In Siege Mode, the goal is to destroy the Onion during the day or Lumiknoll during the night before its Pikmin destroy the Bulborb Burrow.

Areas can be explored during the day or night, and there are two total difficulties to play on, each rewarding a Siege medal upon clearing it for the first time.


Bulbgems are a currency exclusive to this mode. They are obtained by killing Pikmin, earning points, and damaging the Onion or Lumiknoll.


Siege Mode allows the recruitment of allies at the Bulborb Burrow for Bulbgems. Below is a list of allies that can be recruited, their cost, and their traits and abilities.

Nightmare Mode

This mode is unlocked after earning at least 3 platinum medals on any area. Nightmare Mode is in itself a unique difficulty, which explains why it is separate from the other difficulties in Classic Mode and Siege Mode.

In this mode, many special features are present other than Ultra-Spicy difficulty, making it much harder than the other difficulties:

  • Bitter pikpik carrots have a 50% chance to appear, and they stun the Bulborb for a longer duration. The orange sparkles on bitter carrots are very small, making them even harder to identify, however, the non-bitter carrots give a 2x point bonus for 20 seconds.
  • Pikmin are much more likely to attack, and White Pikmin deplete 1/3 of the Bulborb’s maximum health when eaten.

Sandbox Mode

This mode is unlocked after earning any medal on any area. In Sandbox Mode, areas can be explored during the day or night in any game mode and at any difficulty, so long as those areas and difficulties have been won in the main game. The player can freely spawn any Pikmin type recorded in the Piklopedia, set their bulborb's health and stamina values, and also use any features from different game modes.



Almost every official Pikmin type returns alongside some new ones. While the Bulborb hunts for Pikmin, the Pikmin are hunting for enemies to take down and deliver to their Onions. The Bulborb must eat them before they can retaliate. They also restore small amounts of health when eaten.

Every Pikmin type has a certain score value, rarity, and different traits, and is listed below in no particular order:

  • Vanilla Pikmin: gives 1 point. Has no resistances or traits and appears in every area. They are quite common.
  • Red Pikmin: gives 2 points. Has increased attack power and is resistant to fire.
  • Yellow Pikmin: gives 2 points. Resistant to electricity, can lunge further and jump higher..
  • Blue Pikmin: gives 2 points. Resistant to water-type hazards and can swim underwater. Can also rescue drowning Pikmin in water or mud by pulling them out, similar to their behavior in previous Pikmin games.
  • Purple Pikmin: gives 5 points. 10 times stronger than normal Pikmin, but moves slower.
  • White Pikmin: gives 3 points. Stuns the Bulborb when eaten and moves a little faster, but damages the Bulborb on harder difficulty modes.
  • Rock Pikmin: gives 4 points. Can not be crushed and stuns the Bulborb when eaten.
  • Winged Pikmin: gives 6 points. Can fly a short distance above the ground and moves much faster. They can also carry other Pikmin.
  • Ice Pikmin: gives 3 points. Burns faster than other Pikmin, but can freeze the Bulborb upon eating too many at a time.
  • Dark Pikmin: gives 1 point. They are Vanilla Pikmin that have been transformed by the light of the moon, but still have no resistances or notable traits besides their well-adapted eyesight and great senses, which lets them detect the Bulborb much easier.
  • Moon Pikmin: gives 3 points. Resistant to all elements.
  • Bulbmin: gives 5 points. Resistant to all elements and cannot trip or stumble. When they latch on to the Bulborb, they may sometimes chomp the Bulborb, dealing additional damage.
  • Glow Pikmin: gives 10 points. Resistant to all elements, cannot trip or stumble, hovers above the ground, and sometimes teleports. Can fuse into a Glowmob that stuns the Bulborb upon contact if there are at least 10 Glow Pikmin in it. Matures faster than other Pikmin types.
Day & night
  • Puffmin: gives 10 points. These Pikmin have been infested by Puffstool spores, causing the leaf, bud, or flower on their stem to become a mushroom. They are much more aggressive than other Pikmin types, which means they attack faster, and are resistant to every element, and cannot trip or stumble. They are more common in Night mode.
  • Golden Pikmin: the rarest type of Pikmin, appears in both day and night, and gives 50 points. They are resistant to all elements including superhazards, cannot trip or stumble, and have a golden outer coating that takes multiple hits to destroy, shattering it into pieces, before it can be eaten. They are usually protected by other Pikmin due to their extremely rare nature.


These areas serve as play areas. Every area from Pikmin 4 is accessible initially, and more areas such as areas from the previous three games become accessible as the game is played.

Areas come in packs, which can be unlocked by progressing throughout the game or buying them from the shop.

Pikmin 4
Pikmin 3 (unlockable)
Pikmin 2 (unlockable)
Pikmin 1 (unlockable)


As the player progresses through the game, they can unlock various achievements, or awards for meeting certain criteria.

Basic achievements

This article or section is currently under construction and being worked on by its creator. We hope to have it completed as soon as possible.
  • First Feast: Eat your first Pikmin.



Stamina is needed for performing actions such as dashing, which consumes stamina. It can be restored by staying still, or by sleeping, which also restores health.