Pikmin 5 (Ultimatevaltryek123 version)

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Pikmin 5 (Ultimatevaltryek123 version)
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 5 (Ultimatevaltryek123 version), a fanon game created by Ultimatevaltryek123.
For other versions of Pikmin 5, see Pikmin 5.
Pikmin 5
Rating ESRB: E10+
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media Cartridge, digital download
Publisher Nintendo, Ultimatevaltryek123
Release dates 10 Julyth, 2027
Prequel Pikmin 4
Creator Ultimatevaltryek123

Pikmin 5 is the sequel to Pikmin 4 to be released for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo's next as-of-yet unnamed console, and made by Nintendo and Ultimatevaltryek123. It supports local and online multiplayer. Using amiibo with the game unlocks new features.


After the events of Pikmin 4, Olimar and Louie return home, to Hocotate. Approximately a year later, Hocotate and Koppai become overpopulated, and the company president decides to use the predicament to make a lot of pokos. He assembles Olimar, Louie, and Olimar's wife, son, and daughter and goes with them to PNF-404 to build a space colony for the growing population. Along the way, they encounter a mysterious group that they later discover to be plotting to use an ancient device to take over the universe. The captains and their Pikmin must stop the mysterious group and find out the true history of PNF-404 in the process.


  • Story Mode – play through the main story of the game, alone or with up to three other players locally, five when playing online.
  • Challenge Mode – overcome various challenges designed just for this game mode, alone or with up to three other players locally, five when playing online.
  • Battle Mode – go head-to-head with up to five other players or against artificial intelligence.
  • Koppaite Quest – play as Alph, Brittany, and Charlie in a side story on their own adventure to collect supplies in case Koppai gets to over too densely populated, alone or with up to two other players.
  • Challenge maker – Create a custom challenge mode level that can be shared online.



The game features six playable leaders, all of which can be on the field simultaneously, as well as three extra ones playable only in alternative game modes:

At the end of each day, one of the captains will create a log entry of the day's events. Afterward, an email will be received from one of the following:




  • Forest of Genesis – the first area. Olimar first lands here alongside his son and Louie, and together find Red Pikmin.
  • Island of Ancients – an island with a tropical beach and a larger underwater section, and the second area visited. It is where Blue Pikmin can be found, making it the second time in the main series that the Blue Pikmin can be found in the second area and the first in the main series that they are found second instead of last.
  • Mysterious Mountain – a large mountain and the second most linear area in the game despite its exploration-based nature. The mountain is scaled to collect a treasure and to rescue Olimar's wife from a large, mysterious bird that's been throwing rocks from the top of the mountain at the leaders. Rock Pikmin are found here.
  • Pikmin Park – a safe haven for Pikmin, improved from its appearance in Hey! Pikmin.

Weather can severely impact areas.


  • Cave of Endless Challenges – a special cave that is unlocked upon scanning an amiibo. For every amiibo scanned, the cave becomes larger. It contains random treasures and is the only place amiibo treasures can be collected from.



Different effects can happen based on the amiibo used:

  • Bulbmin amiibo (new) – gives ten juvenile Bulbmin on use. This is the only way to get Bulbmin.
  • Mario amiibo – gives Olimar a Mario costume, and makes the Cave of Endless Challenges bigger.