Pikmin: Adventure of Four

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Pikmin: Adventure of Four
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Adventure of Four, a fanon game created by ZoltCat.
Pikmin: Adventure of Four
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Rating Unknown
Genre Unknown
Platforms Wii U
Media Unknown
Creator ZoltCat

Pikmin: Adventure of Four is a fanon Pikmin game for the Wii U created by ZoltCat. It has the same appearance and controls as that of Pikmin 3.

Its three objectives are to look for the pieces to the S.S. Draco's Light Speed Boost, look for treasures to pay off Olimar's bills, and find clues to where the One is hiding Olimar and the Koppaite trio of Alph, Brittany, and Charlie.


A year has passed since the events of Pikmin 3. Koppai has been going well with an abundance of food, unlike a family on Hocotate that has not been going well, and that is Olimar's family. Bills, bills, and more bills have left the family bankrupt, and Olimar is still not getting paid. Then, when the family gets threatened to have the electricity turned off, someone kidnaps Olimar, and leaves a note reading, "He's on PNF-404, where you'll never find him." Olimar's wife, Nina, is too heartbroken and scared to do anything. So, one night, Olimar's kids, Sagittarius and Libra, 'borrow' a spaceship from Hocotate Freight, to land safely on PNF-404.

Later, the three Koppaites had been kidnapped! Charlie's niece, Carly, finds a note that reads, "I have the three and Olimar. But don't even look for them. I'm unbeatable. Just call me the One for now, if you wish... But if you are a foolish one, come to PNF-404, and try to stop ME!"

Carly, of course, gets Alph's little brother, Logan, to go after the One. They climb into a SPERO, and head to PNF-404. When they get there, however, their SPERO collides with the S.S. Draco. The boys and the spacecraft land in the Impact Site, while the girls individually crash into two different areas. After this event, day two begins. During the crash, the S.S. Draco's Light Speed Boost fall to pieces and scattered. This part provides the extra boost to go into light speed. The SPERO was completely trashed, and only a group of highly skilled engineers can fix it.



Pikmin are listed in order of appearance. Because there are so many, 200 can be on the field all at once.




All enemies are listed in alphabetical order. Bosses are listed in bold and minibosses are listed in italics. While a miniboss might appear multiple times, bosses only appear once.


Several existing and new hazards appear. Several are listed alongside the Pikmin immune to them if any, and sometimes a description.

  • Acid: green liquid with a burning effect. Drowns Red Pikmin. (Green Pikmin)
  • Crushing (Rock Pikmin)
  • Cold: has different effects depending on what state of matter it's in. Only shot out of cold-based enemies.
  • Electricity (Yellow Pikmin)
  • Fire (Red Pikmin)
  • Frost: causes Pikmin to die because of loss of heat. Red Pikmin survive longer but still die. (Ice Pikmin)
  • Ice shards: freezes and crushes Pikmin. (Ice Pikmin)
  • Ledges: narrow paths that can only be crossed with the Cat Tail upgrade and that only Cat Pikmin and Winged Pikmin can cross.
  • Pits (Winged Pikmin)
  • Poison (White Pikmin)
  • Shadow: shadowy clouds that instantly kill most Pikmin types. (Black Pikmin)
  • Sunset
  • Water: water can also be cold, freezing Pikmin and causing them to shatter. Ice Pikmin and Rock Pikmin can't shatter but will die of a lack of heat. (Blue Pikmin)
  • Wind