Pikmin Eco 2

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Pikmin Eco 2
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Eco 2, a fanon game created by Sapphire7.
Pikmin Eco 2
Pikmin Eco 2 title card 1.jpg
Rating E 10+
Genre Action, Collectathon, Platformer
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media digital download
Publisher Pikmin Fanon
Release dates Japan: October 30, 2021
North America: November 5, 2021
Europe: November 5, 2021
Australia: October 2, 2021
Prequel Pikmin Eco
Sequel Pikmin Eco 3
Creator Sapphire7

Pikmin Eco II "(ピクミンエコ II)" (Or "Pikmin Eco 2" in the North American release) is a fan game created by Sapphire7 as the sequel to the first Pikmin Eco. Much like the first game, Pikmin Eco 2 mechanically mirrors that of Pikmin 3, but returns various elements from Pikmin 2 such as the returning caves, and treasure collecting. Some mechanics also return from the previous installment, mainly the S.S. Scanner which was a unlocking collectible from the previous game.


(Contains spoilers) (Italic – Playable)

  • Steven – The returning Koppaite Biologist from E.C.O., now working as an independent researcher for lifeforms on alien worlds.
  • Acorn – An eager, yet always hungry Koppaite found on the Pikmin planet by Steven. She's a experienced chef, and specializes in fruit identification.
  • Maple – main chief professor of E.C.O.
  • S.S. Dolphin – Steven's A.I. System.
  • Captain D – Experienced game hunter of alien creatures, and "antagonist" of the game.


the American version of the main title screen


Starting off not too long after Pikmin Eco (approximately three months according to in-game dialogue) E.C.O. begins receiving information from a field researcher, turning out to be the returning Steven from his most recent mission. Steven lands at the ECO docking station, and Maple welcomes him back with open arms. She congrats him on a job well done, but before she can bring him in, another worker frantically rushes out (tripping over his feet) in a panic. The worker tells them that their daughter, Acorn, has got herself stuck on the Planet of the Pikmin and needs help getting back. Willing to help, Steven volunteers to go onto the planet again to find her and bring her back, much to Maple's surprise and the worker's joy. With that decided, Steven boards the ship and travels back to PNF-404.

Main Game

My sensors indicate my scanner and engine has been dislodged in the impact. Didn't I suffer enough with Olimar piloting? – S.S. Dolphin

On his way back to PNF-404, Steven gets some information about Acorn from the S.S. Dolphin, giving him a picture so he can identify her on the planet. On entering the atmosphere though, Steven finds himself in the middle of a storm, which causes him to lose sight of his landing, and crashing into a nearby tree. Although okay, Steven wakes up to find that the S.S. Dolphin is damaged upon landing (something the ship reflects on "Pikmin 1" about annoyingly) and it insists that Steven has to find its missing engine and scanner, both of which it thinks is somewhere in the nearby area. Steven travels outside of the tree, and begins looking around the Impact Zone for any signs of the parts. Luckily for him, on his travels, he begins finding signs of Pikmin in the area: footprints, fallen berries, and sounds of singing. Following these, Steven stumbles across the Pikmin once again: the Red Pikmin with their Onion stuck under the S.S. Dolphin's engine. With some help, the engine is removed and after remembering the tips and tricks on how to manage them, Steven also finds the scanner not too far away. The S.S. Dolphin is overjoyed finding the ship pieces in tact, and after remembering how to manage them, Steven gets the Pikmin to bring the parts back to the main ship.

On rebuilding, the S.S. Dolphin's scanners begin picking up Acorn's whereabouts within the Morning Springs nearby. On arriving there with the Pikmin, Steven finally manages to locate her there, bringing her safely back to the ship to keep her safe. On waking up though, Acorn reveals that she did NOT get herself stuck there, but someone snatched her ship when she wasn't looking and isn't sure who actually did so, but wasn't even planning on leaving yet since she was having so much fun trying all the fruits there. Steven agrees to help find the ship for her, but on condition that she helps him out in his studies along the way, which she reluctantly agrees to.

The S.S. Dolphin starts to pick up signals coming from Acorn's ship, but finds it constantly in motion. This leads both Acorn and Steven through the Misty Roots, Snowfall Dunes, and Formidable Oak, all the while finding both treasures and Pikmin all along the way. During this, Acorn also collects fruits for herself and Steven so they won't starve while on their search.

  • In the Misty Roots, they first find the ship trapped in the vines, and discover the man behind the capture being Captain D. Captain D tells them he only took the ship out of desperation to get back home, and is sorry and willing to help them if they can get the ship down for him. After managing to do so though, Captain D ditches Steven and Acorn and flies away, much to Acorn's frustration.
  • While flying through, the ship gets shot down by Captain D and landing hard in the Snowfall Dunes. Angered by this, the S.S. Dolphin finds its main engine had been scattered by the shot, multiple parts in multiple places within the dunes. With no other option, Steven and Aocnr go out and manage to collect all of the parts.
  • In the Formidable Oak, Steven and Acorn follow the signal throughout the area until they reached the Hollowed Castle, where they accidentally stumble across the den of the Bronze Wraith. They attempt to fend it off without finishing it, but before they could leave, Acorn's ship arrives and beats the Bronze Wraith, abducting it and flying away. However, this makes Acorn's ship start to stutter, and suddenly fall back down to the planet's surface.
  • After this, they manage to find the ship crashed on the Lone Island, with Captain D trapped in a gigantic goo web with an enraged Bronze Wraith. In its angered state, it confronts Steven and Acorn, and they're forced to fight it.


After finally defeating the Bronze Wraith and allowing it to leave, they both look back to the web but only find that Captain D had slipped away while they were all busy, this time without using the ship to get away as it was still stuck in the web. With some effort by the Pikmin though, they get the ship out of there, and Acorn is able to get back home at last. Acorn thanks Steven before boarding her ship, excited to share her recipes with the people at home. Completing the main goal, Steven says his goodbyes to the Pikmin and flies off planet towards home.

Fruitful Ending (after collecting 75% of the fruit)

A cutscene will play out on returning to the planet showing a commercial for Acorn's new restaurant. Acorn happily advertises all of the new recipes and exotic foods. During this she also shows off the restaurant, revealing a flag for E.C.O. as her thanks to Steven for helping her out on the planet, and even offers E.C.O. workers a discount as well. The commercial ends with her looking forward to her customer's visits.

Archeology Ending (after collecting 75% of the treasures)

Since there's so many artifacts gathered from the planet, a local buyer decides to open up a museum for the E.C.O.'s efforts. This museum is accompanied by Maple, who is happy to open the museum alongside the professor. Maple willingly cuts the opening ribbon (and the museum owner's tie by mistake), but the buyer remarks he has plenty more and the cutscene ends on good terms.

100% Secret Ending

after finishing the game with all fruits and treasures, there's an additional final cutscene at the end of the credits after showing both "Fruitful" and "Archeology" endings. The cutscene shows Captain D on the planet's surface, looking up into the sky during the night before wandering back into the foliage to avoid being sighted by a hungry Bulborb. The Bulborb though is suddenly taken down by Captain D and the cutscene ends with Captain D standing on top of it.


The mechanics, like Pikmin Eco, mirrors that of Pikmin 3 in overall scope, but some of the unlockable abilities (Hoverpack and the S.S. Scanner) are useable at the start after going through the tutorial. It also borrows the multiple captains mechanic from Pikmin 3 thanks to the introduction of Acorn. While some Pikmin are no longer available, This game also introduces a new type of Pikmin:

  • P3 Blue Pikmin icon.png Blue Pikmin - The water-resistant Pikmin Species found in the Morning Springs. They aren't able to drown and can swim through the water. They're able able to move rafts and lillypads on the player's command.
  • PWW Green Pikmin old icon.png Green Pikmin - A new type of green-colored Pikmin found in the Misty Roots. They're able to climb up moss-covered walls and vines, and can hang from branches to toss Pikmin across gaps.
  • P1 Mushroom Pikmin icon.png Mushroom Pikmin - A nocturnal species of Pikmin found within the Snowfall Dunes. Decedents from Puffstool-infected Pikmin, they can sense buried treasures and aren't able to be crushed.
  • P3 Red Pikmin icon.png Red Pikmin - The first known Pikmin Species found in the Impact Zone, they are fire-resistant and are slightly stronger in combat. They can also withstand the hot sands of the Formidable Oak.
  • P3 Yellow Pikmin icon.png Yellow Pikmin - The Electric-resistant Pikmin found in the Formidable Oak, they can withstand various electric obsticles and enemies.


This list contains all of the enemies found within Pikmin Eco. Names in bold belong to enemies that are considered bosses.