Bug-Eyed Crawmad

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Bug-Eyed Crawmad The icon used to represent this enemy.
P3 Bug-Eyed Crawmad.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Crawmad
Areas Garden of Hope
Challenge Mode stages Fortress of Festivity, Forgotten Cove, Twisted Cavern
Carry weight 12
Max. carriers 25
Seed worth 20
Attacks Eats Pikmin

The Bug-Eyed Crawmad is a miniboss whose appearance is similar to that of the Hermit Crawmad, but it possesses distinctly large eyes protruding out of its head through eyestalks. Instead of appearing from only one hole in the ground, it can switch between two different holes. It resembles stout lobster or shrimp-like crustaceans whose claws resemble those of squillas but are related to hermit crabs.

The enemy sits in its burrow and is usually found around watery areas, although it can survive on dry land as well. It will peek out of its hole when prey, such as Pikmin, approach it. If a Pikmin or leader gets too close to its dwelling, the Crawmad will attack. It attacks by charging out of its hole and grabbing prey, almost instantly devouring them. It can grab up to ten Pikmin at once. The only way to damage this enemy is to hit its eyes. Once they are both significantly damaged, it will flip over, exposing its raw underbelly. Despite being such a large boss, it takes only twelve Pikmin to carry.

In fanon games

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Pikmin: The Winds of Light

Windlight.jpg The Winds of Light
This article and/or image relates to the Non-Canon Game, Pikmin: The Winds of Light, created by EmperorRagingLongLegs.

The Bug-eyed Crawmad appears in this game as the mini-boss of the Lost Isles. Defeating it makes it drop an unnamed treasure.


The strategy is the same as in Pikmin 3. Attack both of its eyes until they turn red and it flips over; its underside will be vulnerable. Only, this time, it can summon a swarm of Female Sheargrubs and Hermit Crawmads if its health is below one quarter, and it is near sunset.