Peckish Aristocrab

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Peckish Aristocrab" article for more official information.
Peckish Aristocrab The icon used to represent this enemy.
P3 Peckish Aristocrab.png
Scientific name Brachyurices esurio
Family Onionshell
Areas Tropical Wilds, Garden of Hope
Challenge Mode stages Shaded Garden, Tropical Wilds Remix, The Rustyard, Forgotten Cove, Sandbox Kingdom
Carry weight 8
Max. carriers 16
Seed worth 15
Attacks Eats Pikmin, blows bubbles

The Peckish Aristocrab is a crab-like enemy. Its overall appearance resembles a green and purple bulb of garlic with 4 legs coming from underneath, and two claws on each of its sides, one of them being extremely small, while the other is much larger with transparent pincers. It has two round yellow spots on its cheeks, which look like eyes, while its real eyes rest on stalks that protrude out from the top of its head. It has a large mouth with a serrated lower jaw and long purple tongue. The creature mainly rests in a motionless position, clacking its large pincer, but can detect from afar the presence of leaders and Pikmin, and it will quickly scuttle sideways onto their path when they enter the area, circling them in order to get in their way. 

This creature can react to the Pikmin in many ways, because there are two different ways it can defend itself, and two different ways it can kill Pikmin. When Pikmin are thrown at it, the creature is capable of maneuvering its massive claw to shield itself from the thrown Pikmin. It can also defend itself by blowing bubbles at the Pikmin, which can trap them inside, making them float around for a long period of time until the bubble pops. This can trap leaders as well. It attacks by grasping multiple Pikmin with its claw and dropping them into its gaping mouth. It can also stab the ground with its claw to attack.

Rock Pikmin are capable of breaking the Peckish Aristocrab's larger claw, since it is very crystal-like in appearance; it is more durable than a nodule, but hitting the claw with Rock Pikmin causes small pieces to fly off. Eventually, the claw will break, rendering the Aristocrab unable to snatch Pikmin, its only means of defense being blowing bubbles and shaking off attacking Pikmin. Should the Aristrocrab grab onto any Pikmin, throwing Rock Pikmin at its claw should be enough to release its grip on them.

An effective strategy is to have the Aristocrab eat a bomb rock. To pull this off, simply have the creature snatch a Pikmin carrying the bomb rock. The Pikmin will break free, and the Aristocrab will eat the explosive instead. When it does, it will be killed instantly, causing its eyes and legs to shrivel away and its claw to explode into crystalline shards, leaving only the body for salvaging.