Berserk Leech Hydroe

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Berserk Leech Hydroe" article for more official information.
Berserk Leech Hydroe The icon used to represent this enemy.
HP Berserk Leech Hydroe.png
An example of a winged Berserk Leech Hydroe.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Hydroe
Areas Fragment of Hope
Attacks Eats Pikmin, crushes Pikmin

The Berserk Leech Hydroe is a plant creature that has grown to enormous proportions and became viciously hostile because of an aggressive Leech Hydroe that parasitized it. As is the case with the Plasm Wraith and its alternate form of the Mysterious Life Form, the Berserk Leech Hydroe is essentially an alternate form of the Leech Hydroe. Because there is no definite form of Berserk Leech Hydroe, this article is created for the enemy's general concept. That being said, however, all Berserk Leech Hydroes have at least two different phases in battles against them. When a Berserk Leech Hydroe is defeated, the Leech Hydroe controlling it escapes from its host's body and attempts to flee.

Buried form

Berserk Leech Hydroes usually begin the battle buried in the ground and immobile, but are still able to attack leaders and Pikmin using melee and ranged attacks. Occasionally, the boss will leave itself open to attack, which may result in the boss following up with counterattacks. When the Berserk Leech Hydroe has lost a fair portion of its health, usually half, it will initiate another phase of the battle. Sometimes a Berserk Leech Hydroe may only have one phase before dying.

Legged form

The Berserk Leech Hydroe will uproot itself to reveal its leg-like roots. In this phase, the boss is mobile and capable of moving around in its arena, and may also gain new attacks. When the Berserk Leech Hydroe has taken enough damage or lost all of its health, it may either die or gain a new health wheel and transition into the third phase of the battle.

Winged form

The Berserk Leech Hydroe uses wings it grew to take to the air. It may or may not gain new attacks in this phase or retaliate when damaged. When the Berserk Leech Hydroe loses all of its health in this phase, it dies for good.