Berserk Leech Hydroe

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Berserk Leech Hydroe The icon used to represent this enemy.
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Appearance in Hey! Pikmin, final form.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Hydroe (assumed)

The Berserk Leech Hydroe is a gigantic plant creature revealed to be a normal plant transformed into a much larger creature than normal after being parasitized by a Leech Hydroe that had its parasitic urges altered. The creature starts the battle, in its buried form, by launching three balls of poison from its side heads, one at a time, starting from the one closest to Captain Olimar. After this, the main head tracks Olimar from above for some seconds, stops, and then strikes directly downward. While the main head is stuck to the ground, Pikmin can be thrown at it to attack it. If the creature receives any damage in this manner, then when the main head gets up, the boss follows up with an attack wherein both side heads each fire one ball of poison at the same time, and, after a pause, fire another ball each.

When its health is reduced to half, the creature emerges from the ground, in its quadruped form, its front paws on the same plane as Olimar and the Pikmin, each paw occupying one-fourth of the arena. As its first attack, the creature raises one of its paws into the air, moves it slightly closer in Olimar's direction, waits for some seconds, and then slams it down. Every time a paw is raised, its weak spot, the palm, is exposed, and after every stomp, it may quickly move one paw to a different spot to readjust. After a palm has been hit enough times, that paw will move to the background and then return to the foreground, to a place opposite the other front paw. The boss will then raise both paws together, move them toward the center of the arena, and slowly lower them down on the ground with a stomp. As they are hit, the paws are forced to return to their normal positions, and after being thrown back enough, the creature topples to the ground, the main head landing within reach of a Pikmin throw. After some seconds, it gets back up and places its paws on the first and last quarters. If it loses any health during this vulnerable state, the Berserk Leech Hydroe retaliates with a different attack when it gets up: its side heads launch six balls of poison, one at a time, starting with the head closest to Olimar, and each shot alternating between the heads. After this attack, its front paws move to the foreground.

After the creature's health is reduced to zero and it loses its side heads and completes its transformation, it flies in from right to left, creating a burst of wind that launches Olimar and the Pikmin to the left side of the arena. It then launches three balls of poison that land roughly below it, one by one, follows up with three balls thrown at the edge of the arena, and ends with three balls that once again land roughly below it. It then flies off in the same direction it is facing, and eventually flies in from the opposite side, once again causing a burst of wind, and repeating the cycle. Damaging the creature causes it to stop what it is doing, and then retaliate with a new attack: it creates a gust of wind that throws Olimar and the Pikmin away from the body and rises out of the arena, and out of reach. The head then lingers above Olimar for some seconds, then stops, shrieks, and clamps down at the floor. The head then dangles above for some seconds, vulnerable, before the entire creature flies away. After this, it flies in from the same direction it went off to, and spits three volleys of poison balls, with each volley consisting of two balls that spread at an angle but in such a way that there are gaps in between the balls. If the head is damaged while it dangles, then after executing its angled poison ball attack, the creature follows up with a new attack: it flies to the background, faces the group, and fires a beam of poison at the ground below it and gradually aims it towards the foreground, in the direction Olimar is currently in, but won't change direction once the attack has started. After this, it flies away and returns to the foreground. After its health is reduced to half, some of its attacks change. When it shoots balls of poison when its body is within reach, it fires five of them, one by one, and all of them land in various places. When it chomps down at the floor, it does so three times in a row, slightly deviating the position each time. When it goes to the background to fire beams, it fires a second one after the first and aims faster.

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