Pikmin: Before Olimar

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Pikmin: Before Olimar
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Before Olimar, a fanon game created by Golden cARROTS.
Pikmin: Before Olimar
Rating E for Everyone
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Wii
Media Optical disc
Publisher Nintendo
Prequel Pikmin 2
Creator Golden cARROTS

Pikmin: Before Olimar is a real-time strategy Pikmin game created by Golden cARROTS. Among new content, the game features returning enemies and Pikmin, and areas from Pikmin 2.


When Olimar comes home, he goes directly to bed, very exhausted. While sleeping, Olimar dreams about life on the Pikmin Planet before he came, from the perspective of a Pikmin, which commands other Pikmin to kill a Red Bulborb. Then, Olimar dreams about the Pikmin discovering new lifeforms on the planet, such as new Pikmin and other lifeforms. The new species must be found to prevent them from going extinct, all while avoiding dangers.









Treasures are used to produce Brown Pikmin, Green Pikmin, and Pink Pikmin when brought to their respective Onions.

Treasure Yield
Brown Green Pink
Banana 4 4 4
Pen 3 6 3
Pencil 7 2 5
Pikmin plush 9 9 9
Raspberry 3 3 4


This game is for the Wii. Players are able to use either the Nintendo GameCube controller or the WiiMote (Wiimote Icon.png) with MotionPlus and Nunchuk (Nunchuck Icon.png). The Gamecube controls are the same as Pikmin 2's, and the Wii remote controls are almost the same as the New Play Control!'s version, although pressing Wiimote 1.png and Wiimote 2.png on the WiiMote make the player change to a different color Pikmin.