Pikmin 5: One More Game

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Pikmin 5: One More Game
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 5: One More Game, a fanon game created by Goombawarrior.
For other versions of Pikmin 5, see Pikmin 5.
Pikmin 5: One More Game
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Prequel Pikmin 4
Creator Goombawarrior

Pikmin 5: One More Game is the fifth installment in the Pikmin series and a sequel to Pikmin 4, adding new concepts to the series.


Like any other day, the President tells Olimar that a major shipment is going to be delivered, with Olimar needing to send a ton of ship parts to PNF-404. At first, Olimar refuses this deal, then realizes he can check up on Moss and the Pikmin, and promptly agrees. However, before he goes, Olimar calls the Rescue Squad and asks if he can borrow Oatchi for a while. He begins preparing, taking multiple days to get all the expenses. However, as expected, the ship crashes. So Olimar must get the ship parts back.

Halfway through the story, once half of the ship parts are collected, it is revealed that Louie was sent on a similar trip to provide rations, but, being who he is, stole them for himself. So not only must Olimar recover the missing shipment of ship parts, but now he must also find Louie through various signals his ship receives.

In the final area, Olimar finally finds Louie, with a large crate of rations and ship parts, enough to fulfill the orders, and confronts him. However, Louie simply commands an Imitating Glint Beetle to attack and leaves, taking the rations with him. After fighting off the beast, Olimar decides to go back to Hocotate to bring the President with him for extra backup to get Louie and the rations back. The credits roll, before the post-game begins.

2 more areas are accessed, following Louie. Eventually, Olimar and the President corner Louie, and he launches an attack from the Mecha Leech Hydroe to possess a ton of enemies at his disposal. After they are all defeated, it possesses Louie as a last-ditch effort to survive. After a brief chase and him using Pikmin to attack, Louie and the parasite become stuck, surrendering and giving up the crate at long last. It is revealed that the individual who made the order in the first place was none other than the Sage Leaf, who wished to explore other planets and introduce Dandori to them, even using a special ore from the depths of the planet to keep himself, Moss, and the Pikmin from getting sick.


Pikmin 5: One More Game has the basic Pikmin gameplay, featuring exploration, combat, and collection. Much like in Pikmin 4, the initial limit of on-field Pikmin is very limited, 20 to be exact, but can be increased by 10 for each Flarlic that is collected, with the maximum being the standard 100. Likewise, only three different Pikmin types can be out on the field initially, but collecting Flarlics will also increase that maximum, up to 7.

However, one new feature is the Super Candypop Buds, which 10 Pikmin can be thrown into to create a Super Pikmin. Super Pikmin have the proportions and features of a captain, even being able to command other Pikmin, and have more health than average, while still being able to carry objects and even cling to enemies and be thrown. There can be one Super Pikmin of each kind on the field at a time.

Alternate game modes

  • Night expedition – nocturnal creatures roam around the night. Enemies that are awake at this time generally behave as they normally would, but can become incredibly violent when disturbed. This calmness is due to Lumiknolls not being able to develop in any area. It is not possible to enter caves at night, and Pikmin are much more prone to fear than normal.



  • Red Pikmin – immune to fire and have slightly increased damage. As a Super Pikmin, they can light other Red Pikmin like matches to deal gradual fire damage to enemies.
  • Yellow Pikmin – immune to electricity, have a slightly increased throw height, and can dig 3x as fast as a regular Pikmin. As a Super Pikmin, they can charge Yellow Pikmin with static electricity to stun enemies.
  • Blue Pikmin – immune to water and have slightly increased speed. As a Super Pikmin, they can give oxygen bubbles to Pikmin, allowing them to temporarily swim underwater.
  • Purple Pikmin – immune to heavy winds, have the carry strength and weight of 10 Pikmin and 2x the damage of the average Pikmin, and can perform a ground pound upon landing from a throw. However, they are slow and can't be thrown as high. As a Super Pikmin, they have the weight and carrying strength of 20 Pikmin and can throw Purple Pikmin in large groups to stun enemies with a large ground pound.
  • White Pikmin – immune to poison and are themselves poisonous, are 4x faster than the average Pikmin, and dig slightly faster than the others. As a Super Pikmin, unless thrown, they will always attack enemies from afar by spitting powerful poison at them.
  • Rock Pikmin – immune to crushing and impaling and have slightly increased damage, but can not cling onto enemies. As a Super Pikmin, they can perform a rolling attack that does a lot of damage and becomes more powerful the more Rock Pikmin are present with it.
  • Winged Pikmin – can fly over most dangers and can easily hit airborne or taller enemies, but are half as strong as a Pikmin in battle. As a Super Pikmin, they can carry Olimar over gaps and hazards.
  • Ice Pikmin – can freeze bodies of water, can float in water they aren't freezing, and can freeze enemies, but they are half as strong as normal Pikmin. As a Super Pikmin, their charge attack can create paths of ice that are slippery to enemies.
  • Glow Pikmin – are immune to all hazards and can combine into a Glowmob to stun enemies and deal major damage. Super Pikmin of this type are able to shield Olimar or Oatchi in a Glowmob to increase the power of their attacks or Pikmin they throw.
  • Claw Pikmin – orange Pikmin that have large claws, letting them cling onto enemies much better than other types of Pikmin without getting shaken off. They are also able to burrow faster than even Yellow Pikmin, at 5x the digging speed. When charged, they burrow underground before popping up to uppercut the enemy and then clinging onto them to deal extra damage. As a Super Pikmin, they can do a multi-hit drill uppercut instead of a regular attack.
  • Bomb Pikmin – black Pikmin that explode after being thrown, dealing a small chunk of damage but also knocking off any latched-on Pikmin that was hit by the explosion. However, these types of Pikmin will instantly die when exposed to fire, exploding and killing any nearby Pikmin except other Bomb Pikmin. As a Super Pikmin, their explosions do more damage.
  • Echo Pikmin – are mainly found at night. They are drowsy during the day, falling asleep when idle and needing to be whistled for a while. However, at night, they are very wide awake. These Pikmin can glide but need an elevated surface to do so, so they cannot hit midair enemies without a boost. They can also absorb the sounds of enemies and screech them back to confuse them and cause them to hit other enemies. As a Super Pikmin, their sonic boom attack is amplified to reach multiple enemies at once, causing them to infight.


Similarly to Pikmin 4, there is only one true captain, that being Olimar. However, also like Pikmin 4, Oatchi and his tools and upgrades are accessible in easy mode and normal mode. However, with the introduction of Super Pikmin, there can theoretically be 12 leaders on the field at once, not including Olimar himself or Oatchi, if there are enough Super Candypop Buds to accommodate them.


Caves return from Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 4, having many sublevels occupied by a range of enemies, traps, and puzzles, usually with a cinematic boss battle to end it off. They follow the formula of Pikmin 4, having full static layouts instead of using random generation like in Pikmin 2. With a few exceptions, caves typically have 10 floors at most. Caves also have three variants: normal, flooded, and dens.

Some caves are fully submerged in water and are completely filled in water as such, so Oatchi cannot enter.

Flooded caves

Caves that are completely submerged underwater, preventing Oatchi, as he can not swim, and Pikmin other than Blue Pikmin, because they will drown, from entering. In these caves, Blue Pikmin gather around Olimar and swim around alongside him, even being able to perform a charge by rushing forward in the shape of a torpedo. Merely pressing the charge button creates minor iterations of these attacks.


Dens are caves consisting of one sublevel each, typically with 2 chambers, one with 5 random candypop buds or 1 Super Candypop Bud, and the other a boss room. These are mainly for fighting bosses that are at the end of longer caves.


Enemies with italicized names are new, and enemies with bolded names are bosses.