Demon's Claw

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Demon's Claw
Family Unknown

The Demon's Claw is a creature that resembles a shed claw and hunts by pursuing foreign scents and electrical pulses it detects.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Interstellar Cryptid

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"The beast is out there, I just know it!"
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Interstellar Cryptid, a fanon game created by CarrotStilts1.
Pikmin Interstellar Cryptid icon.png
Demon's Claw The icon used to represent this enemy.
PIC Demon's Claw.png
Scientific name Mandusomnia malusungues
Family Unknown
Caves Canal Canyon, The Gauntlet
Carry weight 4
Max. carriers 8
Seed worth 13
Attacks Eats, Pikmin, sprays adhesive

The Demon's Claw is a highly unearthly boss in Pikmin: Interstellar Cryptid. It resembles its Pikmin: New World incarnation, being a strange, vaguely mollusk-like monster concealed within a claw-shaped shell. A fissure in the shell reveals its red body and curled horns, alongside a pair of wavy tentacles that are blue when idle and glow red when its attention is obtained, not unlike the eyes of creatures in a night expedition. Unlike other bosses, the Demon's Claw has a unique theme, albeit a goofy-sounding one to contrast with its disturbing appearance. Its most recognizable location is sublevel four of Canal Canyon with three Holdfast Barbasuckers.

It is initially found balancing on the tip of its shell and waving its tentacles wildly. The only sound it makes is the chinking of its plated armor and the wavering drone from its tentacles. When approached, it will begin approaching the active leader, akin to the Ranging Bloyster, in numerous short but fast hops. If it gets close enough, it will expel a dark, velvet-colored gunk from the vents on the front of its shell and then use suction force from those vents to consume the Pikmin afterward. Although it may seem fast, the Demon's Claw is a being with a one-track mind; it copies the exact route the active captain takes and does not use any potential shortcuts or play any tricks to psyche the squad out. Although its turn is incredibly fast, rapidly swapping between the four leaders, five if Roacher has been recovered, will faze the Demon's Claw and cause it to spin out, its tentacles going gray. This allows for a perfect window of time to attack the uncanny predator. When defeated, its body expands to the point of its shell cracking from the pressure before bursting into the same velvet adhesive it releases, leaving only the point of its shell and a Slapstick Crescent.

The Demon's Claw is later rematched on dry land in the Gauntlet, in an arena with multiple fire geysers, alluding to its fight in Pikmin: New World.


Olimar's notes

General consensus is that this creature... might be a mollusk, but even the most studious of scholars are grasping at straws with this conclusion. Its center of gravity is located near the point of its shell, meaning it remains perfectly balanced even when submerged in deep waters. Its sensory tentacles detect electrical pulses, so it uses a combination of electroreception and scent tracking to pursue prey. Its body cells constantly undergo mitosis and enter apoptosis almost immediately afterward. These dead cells form a powerful adhesive that it uses to lay traps while hunting. If the cycle is disrupted by an outside force, the consequences are sure to be... messy.

Louie's notes

The ooey-gooey, pulpy texture of its flesh is sure to seal your mouth shut forever. NEVER AGAIN!

Bentley's notes

As daring an explorer I may be, not even I felt safe in this thing's turf. It's probably just the otherworldly appearance of it that threw me off.

Eloise's notes

My superstitious grandma would hate to meet this thing. She'd probably blame it for the hazelnut in my uncle's Dagwood sandwich that one New Year's night. Personally, I don't THINK it's from another reality like what she might claim... but it very much might as well be, because it looks and acts like something only the sapient mind could think of.

In Pikmin: New World

Pikmin: New World
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: New World, a fanon game created by Electroatopos.
Demon's Claw The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Unknown
Areas None
Caves Hallow of Fire
Attacks Spews adhesive, eats Pikmin

The Demon's Claw is a horrifying creature appearing in Pikmin: New World as the boss of the Hallow of Fire, being found on its final sublevel. It resembles a large, vaguely claw-shaped shell twisted around into a spiral. On its side, there is a large crack that two knobbly curled-up tentacles protrude through and the creature's bare skin is visible within. Its skin is dark pinkish-red, and on top of its body, there are two devilish inwardly-curved horns. The beast is impervious to fire due to its shell and its large arena is occupied by many fire geysers.

The creature is initially encountered balancing idly on the tip of its shell, wobbling back and forth on the spot, waving its tentacles about wildly to hunt. When approached by a leader, the tips of its tentacles light up bright orange, indicating that it has sensed the electrical pulses emanating from the leader's suit. Following this, it hops toward the leader it sensed and continues to move in their direction as they move away from it. The creature will follow the leader's path directly instead of taking shortcuts, so it can be tricked to gain an advantage over it. If a nearby leader is switched to, the creature will simply spin to face them and immediately begin moving towards them, ignoring the leader it was just pursuing. However, if a more distant leader is switched to, the Demon's Claw will lose interest and stop moving, the glow on the tips of its tentacles going out and it returning to an idle state. If the creature catches up to a leader, it will attack by squirting out a pitch-black adhesive from vents in its shell onto them, engulfing them and Pikmin within range and then proceeding to suck them up, though leaders are merely injured by this process. After it is defeated, it explodes into the black liquid and leaves behind only the tip of its shell, which shrinks down to a small size, and the Crusher Retardant, which grants leaders the Squash Suit, preventing harm from crushing.