Vampire Bulbear

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Vampire Bulbear
Family Grub-dog

The Vampiric Bulbear is a species of grub-dog that regain health by eating Pikmin and biting leaders.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Infection in Progress

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Pikmin: Infection in Progress
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Infection in Progress, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
P3 Vehemoth Phosbat.png
Vampire Bulbear The icon used to represent this enemy.
Vampire Bulbear.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Grub-dog
Areas Fungal Grotto, Polluted Creek
Carry weight 14
Max. carriers 28
Seed worth 20
Attacks Eats Pikmin

Vampire Bulbears, and their young, Dwarf Vampire Bulbears, appear in Pikmin: Infection in Progress as mutated Spotty Bulbears and Dwarf Bulbears, respectively. Only two Vampire Bulbears are encountered throughout the wastes of PNF-404. A lonesome individual appears deep within Fungal Grotto, wandering through the cavern with no juveniles accompanying it. The other specimen appears on the surface at Polluted Creek, typically wandering the shadier parts of the area. The Vampiric Bulbear wandering Polluted Creek bears companions, unlike the one encountered at Fungal Grotto. The President can assist in carrying the corpses of Vampire Bulbears.

Vampire Bulbears possess much more contrast in their coloration than ordinary Spotty Bulbears do. They possess more vibrant reds, deeper blacks, and paler flesh. On top of that, Vampire Bulbears also possess striking red eyes that can easily be seen within the dark depths of Fungal Grotto. Their sclerae are a deep black hue as well. Vampiric Bulbears also have additional and more pronounced fangs.

When initiated into combat, a Vampire Bulbear will typically trudge towards its target and attempt to bite them once it gets close enough. The sounds of their heavy footsteps and the sight of their glowing eyes make Vampiric Bulbears easily detectable, something they do not seem to be aware of. After having approached its prey, a Vampire Bulbear will lunge forward in an attempt to consume it, usually grabbing hold of its meal. If it had been harmed, anything the Vampire Bulbear eats will restore a portion of its health. Additionally, the Vampire Bulbear recovers slightly faster after death than an ordinary Spotty Bulbear does. If it manages to revive, the Vampire Bulbear will have full health and will have to be put down again. Vampire Bulbears do possess one weakness, however: softer skin. Not all the mutations that have transformed Spotty Bulbears have been beneficial, and softer skin has been a prime example.

In Pikmin: Wide World

Pikmin Wide World icon.png
"It's a jungle out there!"
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Wide World, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
Pikmin Wide World icon.png
Vampire Bulbear The icon used to represent this enemy.
PWW Vampire Bulbear.png
Family Grub-dog
Areas None
Weight 12
Max. carriers 24
Seed worth 15
Poko value P3 Poko icon.png × 12
Sparklium worth P4 Sparklium icon.png × 10
Battle point value P3 Soul icon.png × 60
Attacks Eats Pikmin

The Vampire Bulbear is an exceedingly dangerous bulbear in Pikmin: Wide World that is found only in Colossal Hollow's darkest caves. Its dwarf counterpart is the Dwarf Vampire Bulbear, which is often found in its company. Much like Spotty Bulbears, Vampire Bulbears roam parts of an area accessible to them. Any Dwarf Vampire Bulbears a Vampire Bulbear passes will emit an affectionate groan and begin following it. Should a Vampire Bulbear detect a leader or Pikmin not in its sight, it will glance in their direction, and, once it sees them, unleash a deep bellow and begin pursuing them. Upon biting down on Pikmin or leaders, it will fling them upwards into the air so as to land them down its throat. Leaders will be chewed up and then spat out alongside any Pikmin in the creature's mouth at the time. If they flee far enough away, the creature will stomp one of its feet on the ground and grunt before resuming its normal patrolling behavior. Although a Vampire Bulbear may not be able to access some locations Pikmin and leaders can hide in, its young may be able to, and it will wait by such a place for some time to allow its young to investigate before finally giving up and moving on.

Vampire Bulbears are known for their intimidating and macabre appearance. They are the size and shape of other bulbears, with features such as a wide face, a rounded forehead, stocky eyestalks, protruding nostrils, and pronounced lips, but have pale skin, a jet-black backside with vibrant, almost glowing red spots, and eyes that have a white pupil, red iris, and black sclera. The irises and pupils of a Vampire Bulbear glow softly in the extreme darkness they thrive in. Their feet are also as dark as their backside. Furthermore, Vampire Bulbears each possess two sets of fangs, which further adds to their dreadful image.

Being strong, resilient foes tougher than other bulbears, Vampire Bulbears are not to be taken lightly. They are practically impossible to sneak up behind because they are perceptive and with an impeccable sense of smell. Because a head-on conflict is inevitable, the best course of action would be to throw Pikmin at its eyes; doing so will inflict minor damage to it, make it flinch, and cause it to release any Pikmin it has bitten down on. Uniquely from any other grub-dog, Vampire Bulbears can recover a portion of lost health after consuming Pikmin or biting leaders, making it crucial to prevent them from doing so for a relatively fast kill. However, for as threatening as they may be, Vampire Bulbears have one major weakness, a strong aversion to light. A variety of light-based tools can be used against a Vampire Bulbear offensively or defensively: the Radiant Illuminator can deter it from attacking leaders, a camera flash from the HocoPad can momentarily daze it, and a dazzling bomb rock can completely incapacitate it for a considerable amount of time. Vampire Bulbears will also stay away from sunlight that may be shining in, as well as Common Glowcaps and Colossal Glowcaps because they produce light. Upon defeat, a Vampire Bulbear will collapse, having passed out. At this point, it will begin gradually recovering health, and upon reaching half-health, it will spring to its feet to continue its reign of terror. A Vampire Bulbear will no longer be a threat once its body is delivered to the Lander Pod or otherwise disposed of, such as down a pit.

In ultra-spicy difficulty, the Vampire Bulbear can incite nearby Dwarf Spotty Bulbears to attack Pikmin and leaders. After biting its prey, it will bite again immediately after to catch more of them in its mouth if more remain in front of it. When overwhelmed by Pikmin, it can also rear up and emit a supersonic screech from its mouth, causing Pikmin in range to panic.


  • PWW Data file icon.png Data file #1 (all difficulties): Watch for the Vampire Bulbear's glowing eyes and spots as it roams the darkness.
  • PWW Data file icon.png Data file #3 (all difficulties): The Vampire Bulbear regains some lost health for every Pikmin it eats and every leader it bites.
  • PWW Data file icon.png Data file #3 (all difficulties): After taking enough damage, the Vampire Bulbear will collapse and begin to recover.
  • PWW Data file icon.png Data file #4 (ultra-spicy difficulty only): When overwhelmed, a Vampire Bulbear can emit a supersonic screech that will panic Pikmin.

Olimar's comments

PWW Captain Olimar icon.png A species found only in the darkest of subterranean environments, the vampire bulbear prowls in the shadows to catch helpless, unsuspecting prey off-guard and mercilessly devour them, restoring its own energy in the process. Its eyes glow softly and allow it to see easily in absolute darkness, although they give away its position. The vampire bulbear's name is made even more appropriate in that it can withstand harsh injuries that would easily end the lives of other creatures, continually rising to its feet to keep fighting no matter how much pain it has already endured.

Shacho's comments

PWW President icon.png This thing... it scares me. I wouldn't touch it with a golden, jewel-encrusted ten-foot pole. Just keep it away from me!

Marie's comments

PWW Marie icon.png Vampire bulbears look ghastly, and their attitudes aren't much better. They're a bit too barbaric to properly train, and they do not, even in the slightest, care for any sort of light, especially sunlight.

Louie's comments

PWW Louie icon.png This beast's tough, tangy meat is most appropriate cooked and served in a savory tomato sauce. Serve with a side of red wine to really establish the vampire theme!

Dolphin Lander's comments

PWW Dolphin Lander icon.png The range of creatures under PNF-404's surface oddly intrigues me, as vicious and frightening as some may be. I just can't help but wonder if this creature was born naturally or if it evolved over time from another bulbear that became trapped underground.