Clicking Slurker

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Clicking Slurker" article for more official information.
Clicking Slurker The icon used to represent this enemy.
HP Clicking Slurker.png
Scientific name Uvulans descendii
Family Umbloda
Areas Frozen Wasteland
Attacks Abducts and eats Pikmin

The Clicking Slurker is an enemy that has a feather above its head and a long, pink appendix that resembles a tongue, linked to a pink ball that stands inside of its translucent body. Although its actual body is about the size of a leader, its feather is about two times their height, and its appendix can extend up about ten times their height. It resembles a much smaller and weaker version of the Luring Slurker, although it is more blue, only has one feather, and doesn't have a mouth in its proboscis. It also looks much rounder than most umblodae, including the Medusal Slurker.

The Clicking Slurker remains stationary high above the ground, waiting for Pikmin to pass below it. At that point, it drops its tongue to catch them. If a Pikmin is caught, it can be released by hitting the tongue. With continuous hits to the tongue, the creature drops to the ground and can be damaged.