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What if it was another story...?
This article or section pertains to Pikmin 2... Again?, a fanon game created by Blower Pot.

The Amazing New Update!!, stylized as THE AMAZING NEW UPDATE!! (official), is an update and side story game mode for Pikmin 2... Again?. Made for April Fools' Day, it adds new enemies and joke content into 7 missions referencing the 7 days of a week. It revolves around Orimario and Looigi trying to get the world's most unbalanced Onion, which is locked in the void. Only a divine cat known as the Cat Cod can open the wall blocking the void, and only if it is given the Sacred Sardines. The Sacred Sardines are located in a temple that requires 5 tickets to enter, but they can be bought with Pokos. However, the temple is also a trap, releasing the Jackfruit.

The Amazing New Update!! is similar to the Timed Mode, but without a time limit, and with even more, and sometimes exclusive and random, content, making sense for it being for April Fools' Day. It is non-canonical to the main story, and the only game mode to have Walking Golden Pikpik Carrots avaliable.

This update is more notable for the addition of a big new feature, customization, and at the same time, blue sparklium. After this update, an endless mission has been added, alongside the Evil Candypop Bud.



Orimario and Looigi are in an unknown area and see their Pikmin being eaten by Red Bulborbs. A Bulbmin is notably flipped over on the ground, presumably injured or dead. They look at their Red-Blue-Yellow Onion, and text reading "GARBAGE" slowly appears on it. After this, they both get an idea: they'll find an Onion that can make every Pikmin type. They find Gerald, who says that while it does exist, it is trapped in the void, blocked by a stony wall composed of stoprightthere, amethyst, and LEGO bricks. Both Orimario and Looigi are saddened to know that they can not obtain it until Gerald says that there is a being strong enough to open it, the Cat Cod. They become happy until he says that they have to get bring the very delicious and godly Sacred Sardines to it first. After this, they pilot the Yoshitate Ship through the ground, warping into another place.

Mission 1

They go to another place, what seems to be the Backrooms, but it is in fact the Frontrooms. There are many bulborbs on bikes, odd-looking bulborbs, and more, searching for treasures, such as the Courage Reactor to calm down after they encountered the Ugly Bulborb. Later, they find a telescope, warping them into another place. This mission starts with 30 Walking Golden Pikpik Carrots.

Mission 2

They get sent into an office, with Blower Pot being also found as an easter egg. There are doors, Sweetberries, and falling smile grenades. Looigi eats one Sweetberry and loves it, contrary to the Sourberry, so he gets some more. After this, they find a dead Louie, the true Louie, lying next to a bitten goop-berry, which he presumably ate. They look confused, and the screen fades to black. This mission starts with 15 Walking Golden Pikpik Carrots.

Mission 3

This time, rather than playing as Orimario and Looigi, the player controls an Ugly Bulborb in an altered version of the Welcome Forest. It was so ugly that everyone it looked at died, and once all Pikmin and enemies die, the screen fades to black with text reading "THE END", above smaller text reading "...It's not over yet, actually". This mission can be considered a minigame, inspired by the Spongebob Squarepants episode, Something Smells, where Patrick tells Spongebob the history of the Ugly Barnacle. This mission notably features all Pikmin, not only Walking Golden Pikpik Carrots.

Mission 4

This mission takes place in a boss-rush-themed cave sublevel, back with Orimario and Looigi, pitted against the almighty Squortle Stack, a stack of every squortle to exist. It is a very hard fight. After that, they go to the next sublevel just to find another boss, the It's-a Me Squortlario. It is even more powerful, being able to shoot "Wa-hoo"s from its trunk, making Pikmin fall through the area and die to the pit. Upon defeat, they celebrate their victory against those two bosses. This mission starts with 100 Walking Golden Pikpik Carrots.

Mission 5

Finally, after their long and crazy journey, they find the Temple of Sacred Sardines. They are happy to have finally reached their goal. They buy 5 tickets and open the door after inserting them into a slot on it. But as they approach the Sacred Sardines, White Scarf suddenly appears and steals it, teleporting away. After this, a giant, 3-dimensional Jackfruit appears, rolling toward them in a Raiders of the Lost Ark-like boulder chase. It stalls every time it collides with an obstacle, destroying it, until it gets stuck between two pillars. After this grand chase, Orimario and Looigi escape across a finish line, and Looigi stops to catch his breath. This mission starts with 10 Walking Golden Pikpik Carrots.

Mission 6

This is another boss rush like in mission 4, but this time, the boss rush spans across multiple sublevels, containing every enemy and boss found so far. Upon finishing, they see the Cat Cod from far away. This mission starts with 100 Walking Golden Pikpik Carrots.

Mission 7

This is the final mission, a final boss fight against White Scarf. He mentions how they threw a very useless nail and then launched it to another place, now alone. So, it decides to take revenge. White Scarf screams "Prepare to die!", and starts throwing poisoned shurikens at Pikmin and leaders and teleporting like a ninja, just to be beaten with only a few hits from Walking Golden Pikpik Carrots or a leader's single punch, dropping the Sacred Sardines. Orimario and Looigi finish their mission by giving the Sacred Sardines to the Cat Cod, who eats them. He floats up, before falling and landing with a fart, resulting in a shockwave that makes the void's wall crumble, revealing the Unbalanced Onion. The pair hops on and rides it as it takes off into the unknown, creating a hole in the void. This mission starts with 5 Walking Golden Pikpik Carrots.


Orimario and Looigi ride on the Unbalanced Onion, going through many areas, similar to the ending of Castle Crashers. During this, Gerald gains a pair of wings and flies, revealing himself to be a Peeper. After the credits, the Yoshitate Ship is shown to still be in mission 1's area, waiting for years for Orimario and Looigi to come back. It realizes they won't come back, so it goes to find a way to get out itself...

Mission Infinite

This mission is endless and is unrelated to the main story, but Gerald still appears even on this mission. It involves endless sublevels, having a random amount of enemies and bosses exclusive to this game mode, as well as Yoshitate Ship as a recurring boss, and also adding the Evil Candypop Bud. The player's goal is to survive through the highest amount of sublevels until all Pikmin die or if all leaders are downed.