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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "pulley rock" article for more official information.
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Pulley rock The icon used to represent this obstacle.
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Appearance in Hey! Pikmin.

Pulley rocks are obstacles that consist of a large stone, a stick that can be held on to, and a large vine connecting the two. Pikmin must be thrown at the stick so they can hold on to it, and when enough Pikmin are on the stick, it goes down, and the stone goes up. Whistling the Pikmin makes them release the stick, causing it to spring back up and the rock to crash back down. Some pulley rocks can be lifted to a certain point, and when released, the rock lands on a twig and doesn't need to be raised anymore after that.

In fanon games

Below this point is where users place their version of the pulley rock.

In Pikmin: Dual Worlds

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Pulley rocks appear in some areas and caves in Pikmin: Dual Worlds and are moved by having Pikmin pull on the handle, or handles, connected to the rock to lift it so long as the Pikmin continue holding on to the handles. Smaller Pikmin such as White Pikmin and Black Pikmin are less useful for manipulating pulley rocks because of their reduced weight. A pulley rock's handles are never located far from it, and if there is more than one handle, pulling it alone won't lift the rock. At least two handles must be pulled if there are three or more. Handles may sometimes be positioned on more than one side of the rock they lift when pulled and serve as a way to bypass the pulley rock when returning through a path. An instance of this is be found at Feverpitch Forest, where a pulley rock blocks the path to the area's boss, its rewards, a fruit, a treasure, two pieces of scrap, and the entrances to a cave and a dungeon.