Rocky Wraith

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Rocky Wraith The icon used to represent this enemy.
HP Rocky Wraith.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Shellter

The Rocky Wraith is presumably immobile shellter found in the files of Hey! Pikmin. It resembles a Crammed Wraith, although instead of a shell it is partially protected by a pile of stones. Its behavior is unknown, but it could have blocked a path and only been vulnerable from the exposed side of its body, the path opening upon the creature's death.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Wide World

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This article or section pertains to Pikmin: Wide World, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
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Rocky Wraith The icon used to represent this enemy.
Family Shellter
Weight 15
Max. carriers 30
Seed worth 15
Poko value Poko × 8
Sparklium worth Sparklium × 8
Battle point value P3 Soul icon.png × 40
Attacks None

The Rocky Wraith is an immobile member of the shellter family appearing in Pikmin: Wide World. What may initially appear to be a mere pile of rubble may instead be this creature's protective covering. A Rocky Wraith may be found sitting idly, on land or in shallow water, blocking a path that would often otherwise serve as a convenient shortcut between portions of an area or sublevel in which it is found. It may be found awake or asleep, and can freely change between those two states. It shifts in place periodically no matter if it is awake or asleep. If asleep, it awakens upon being closely approached by Pikmin or leaders, touched or harmed, or hearing a sound loud enough to rouse it from its slumber. A Rocky Wraith is generally oblivious to anything behind itself but will awaken if it senses movement or a nearby presence. A Rocky Wraith will stare at Pikmin and leaders in front of it, defending itself if needed, until they walk away, at which point it will continue its normal behaviors.

Rocky Wraiths strongly resemble real-world hermit crabs aside from their rocky coverings. They lack an exoskeleton and are primarily pink in color except for their large, otherwise featureless green eyes. Each Rocky Wraith has two sets of legs, the front pair serving as arms and being much larger and longer than the back pair, with all four legs featuring many light pink spots. They have a magenta underbelly. Their thick tail, which may only be seen after their death, curves downwards and towards their head.

Defeating a Rocky Wraith is generally in the best interest of a leader and their Pikmin because its death always grants unrestricted access to a convenient shortcut between two portions of a location. However, Rocky Wraiths are inconvenient to kill; only their body is vulnerable, and not even bomb rocks are able to blast through their protective stone shelter. The stones affixed to the creature's covering are unable to be removed, necessitating going the long way around to its vulnerable side. A Rocky Wraith is quite helpless against attackers, and can only flick them away using its arms, shaking Pikmin off of its body when absolutely necessary. Attacking its eyes will cause it to recoil and briefly partially withdraw into its home, a period where it is truly momentarily defenseless. Upon death, a Rocky Wraith will yield Sparklium × 8 and collapse alongside its shelter, which then becomes loose rocks, clearing the way through the path the creature was obstructing and leaving behind other rewards. Aboveground, its remains can be brought to either the Dolphin Lander for Poko × 8 or the Master Onion for fifteen Pikmin seeds. Underground, its body can be brought to the Lander Pod to either receive Poko × 8 or be stored to later gain fifteen seeds of any chosen discovered main Pikmin type, but only if the cave is exited using an escape geyser. After it is killed, a Rocky Wraith will never reappear in an area, but will in a cave after some days pass.


Olimar's notes

"The rocky wraith is a shellter that was unable to find a suitable shell to occupy and was forced to make a pile of rubble its home instead. It lives a solitary lifestyle, away from predators, because it must leave its dwelling to find food and is extremely vulnerable to attack while doing so."

Shacho's notes

"This creature reminds me of myself, coming from Hocotate to this planet. Even during this visit, my second one, I feel vulnerable and uncertain of what's ahead, but I know Olimar has my back. At least... I would hope he does. How I feel is probably nowhere near how he felt crashlanding here for the first time, alone."

Marie's notes

"A rocky wraith will never leave its dwelling to eat unless you leave it alone or put its meal directly in front of it. I imagine it is possible for one to trust its owner enough to leave its dwelling even in their presence, but this has not yet been seen."

Louie's notes

"This creature's tangy, melt-in-your-mouth meat doesn't need to be pulled from a shell because it doesn't have one!"

Dolphin Lander's notes

"I can only imagine how lonely this creature is. It lives in solitude and is stationary until it leaves its dwelling to find food. The poor thing can't stand a chance against any predators that may see it."