Grimacing Cremblub

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Grimacing Cremblub
Family Devouron

The Grimacing Cremblub is a monstrous, deadly devouron.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Wide World

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"It's a jungle out there!"
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Wide World, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
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Grimacing Cremblub The icon used to represent this boss.
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Family Devouron
Areas None
Dens None
Caves Chance Pit
Battle Mode stages None
Challenge Mode stages The Grimacing Cremblub, The Grimacing Cremblub Remix
Weight 60
Max. carriers 150
Seed worth 300
Poko value P3 Poko icon.png × 100
Sparklium worth P4 Sparklium icon.png × 300
Attacks Burns, corrodes, crushes, drowns, eats, electrocutes, freezes, poisons, and skewers Pikmin, causes panic, produces bubbles

The Grimacing Cremblub is the final boss of Pikmin: Wide World. It is found only on the fifteenth and final sublevel of the Chance Pit, the last cave found in Endless Sea. It is initially found sleeping on the ground in the center of the massive arena making up the sublevel, lying down with its back legs folded under its body and its front legs tucked between its back legs. It will only awaken after it is hurt, by either Pikmin or leaders, where it will growl fiercely and rise to its feet to begin its assault. The Grimacing Cremblub will never return to its slumber, unless the sublevel is exited and reentered, choosing instead to relentlessly pursue its prey. It can eat Pikmin using its mouth, either directly or by catching them on its long tongue. Snot bubbles, which trap Pikmin that touch them, periodically come from its nostrils. The Grimacing Cremblub can crush Pikmin with its back feet and skewer Pikmin using the long nails growing from its front legs. It can also flick or swipe Pikmin and leaders away with its long nails. Its roar can easily frighten most Pikmin, sending all but Purple Pikmin into a panic. Its breath is poisonous, and its constant drooling can cause Pikmin to begin drowning. Its poisonous breath can be seen every time it exhales. Its sweat is extremely flammable and combusts upon contact with air, but the creature can instantly extinguish itself by releasing liquid nitrogen over its body. Many pustules dot the Grimacing Cremblub's back, and the slightest amount of force applied to them will cause them to pop and splatter droplets of acid onto the ground around the creature. Lastly, the Grimacing Cremblub possesses an organ that allows it to electrify itself, but only in short bursts.

The Grimacing Cremblub is a large, ferocious creature that stands tall on its muscular hind legs and supportive front legs. Its skin is thick, leathery, shiny, and bronze-colored. Both of its wide, round feet have three thick nails on the front and each foot is connected to a thick, backward-jointed hind leg. Its main body is wide and plump, and somewhat resembles the main body of a Pale Wollywog. On the Grimacing Cremblub's back are many red, acid-filled pustules, and protecting its stomach is a series of overlapping, indestructible, yellow chitinous plates. The creature possesses a hideous, frightening face, having bulging eyes on either side of its body, as well as a pair of curved, slitted nasal openings on the front of its body, positioned above a gaping mouth lined with many jagged teeth. Its teeth and the sclerae of its eyes are both yellowed, and its irises are red. The natural shape of the creature's mouth makes it appear as if it is constantly grimacing, giving the creature its name, and jutting out from either side of its bottom jaw is a large tusk, making the creature all the more intimidating. The Grimacing Cremblub's tusks do not fit in its mouth, and like the rest of its teeth, are yellowed. Its tongue and mouth are purple in color, and its tongue is extremely long and flexible. The Grimacing Cremblub's front legs are quite short and stubby but appear extremely long due to its long, curved, spike-like nails, which are made of a material similar to crystal. The creature mainly uses its strong hind legs to walk around, meaning that if the nails on its front legs are broken, it is still capable of walking around, although in a much more awkward manner.

Being the final boss of Pikmin: Wide World, the battle against the Grimacing Cremblub is among the most challenging in the game, although no particular Pikmin type is required to defeat it. The creature can utilize most hazards, and even reaching it can be extremely difficult. The Grimacing Cremblub's thick, leathery skin reduces the damage and effects of Rock Pikmin throws and Purple Pikmin pounds, but not the attacks of other Pikmin types. It is resilient even to most bomb rock variants, with the most damaging being an ingested regular bomb rock, and sprays that affect enemies have no effect on the creature. Rocks bounce off the Grimacing Cremblub and deal very little damage to it. The long nails on its front legs can be broken using Rock Pikmin, rocks, or bomb rocks to prevent the creature from skewering Pikmin on them and flicking leaders and Pikmin away using them, and cause it to walk lower to the ground, making it easier to damage. If it misses skewering Pikmin, the Grimacing Cremblub's long nails will become stuck in the ground, providing precious time to attack the creature before it frees itself. Pikmin can be thrown into the creature's eyes to inflict minor damage and make it flinch, although its movements become erratic for some moments after this. The pustules on the Grimacing Cremblub's back can be destroyed to inflict minor damage to the creature, but each one will splatter acid onto its surroundings after suffering the slightest bit of damage. This makes Green Pikmin useful for the fight, but not required. When enough Pikmin are attacking it at once, the Grimacing Cremblub will deliver a series of electric shocks to its attackers, paralyzing them before shaking them off of its body. Although the Grimacing Cremblub will periodically do this during the battle against it, each new phase is marked by the creature unleashing a horrible bellow that causes panic. As the phases of the battle progress, the Grimacing Cremblub will become increasingly more accurate with its attacks, and its hazard-based attacks will become increasingly more potent.

In phases two and three of the battle, the Grimacing Cremblub will tire out after either performing a certain amount of actions or charging across its arena. The creature will lie on the ground, where it will begin panting heavily, poisoning all Pikmin near its mouth except White Pikmin, and catch fire, burning all except Red Pikmin. Any Pikmin standing near its mouth can be eaten as well. The creature will then violently shiver before extinguishing itself using liquid nitrogen, which will instantly freeze all nearby Pikmin and leaders. After this, the Grimacing Cremblub will rise to its feet and resume attacking. When the creature begins to flare up, Pikmin should be called off of it to prevent them from being burned, and Pikmin should be kept away from the creature until its liquid nitrogen dissipates. While the Grimacing Crumblub is recovering its energy, it is completely vulnerable to attack, but can defend itself well.

Phase one of the fight against the Grimacing Cremblub is the easiest, as the creature has not yet completely woken up. It will drowsily stumble around its arena, drooling lightly and periodically attempting to lick up Pikmin with its tongue. In this phase of the battle, the Grimacing Cremblub will not tire out. Breaking either or both of its long nails will instantly trigger phase two, no matter how much damage the Grimacing Cremblub has taken. Breaking one of its long nails will not progress the fight to the next phase.

Phase two begins when the Grimacing Cremblub's health reaches four-fifths. In this phase of the battle, the creature will begin to purposely crush Pikmin with its back feet and skewer Pikmin on its front legs' nails. As stated previously, breaking its front legs' nails will prevent it from skewering Pikmin and provide other advantages against the creature.

The third and final phase begins when the Grimacing Cremblub's health reaches one-third. Along with its previous attacks, the creature may charge wildly across its arena, trampling any leaders and Pikmin in its path. This charging attack can be anticipated and dodged when the creature steadies itself and grinds its back feet against the ground not unlike a real-world bull, before rearing up and rushing forward, stopping only when it hits a wall, causing boulders to fall from the sublevel's ceiling. After colliding with a wall, the Grimacing Cremblub will be stunned and lie on the ground, but only temporarily. After being defeated, the Grimacing Cremblub will stumble around, unleashing one final, terrifying roar before collapsing to the ground and yielding HP Sparklium icon.png × 300. Its body will assume a position that is similar to the position it was found sleeping in. Its body can be taken to the Lander Pod to either gain P3 Poko icon.png × 100, or be stored to later gain three hundred Pikmin seeds of any Pikmin in the Master Onion, but either reward can only be obtained if the cave is exited using an escape geyser.


Olimar's notes

Because of its size and sheer ferocity, the grimacing cremblub has no known predators. It is a heavy sleeper and does not wake up prematurely unless something harms it, which is something most creatures dare not do. When awake and alert, it is a fearsome predator that relentlessly pursues its prey around its territory. The grimacing cremblub has a variety of ways to attack others or defend itself, but a nimble and resourceful creature can take it down.

Shacho's notes

This creature's shiny skin could net me so many pokos back on Hocotate! I can only imagine the products made using it.

Marie's notes

I really would not recommend having a grimacing cremblub as a pet. They smell bad, sleep too much, and are always miserable! Not to mention, they are large and extremely dangerous. The pustules on its back are gross, too.

Louie's notes

Fortunately, the effort needed to take down one of these beasts is more than worth the meat it has. Its insides are rich and full of flavor, but are tough and have a metallic aftertaste. Perfect for a hearty soup with vegetables and savory broth!

Dolphin Lander's notes

To think that such a large and fearsome predator was lurking beneath our feet the entire time is extraordinary... and also frightening. We've delved deep into the ground many times before but never found any creature quite like this one.