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The mine rock is a type of bomb rock that is more effective underwater than on dry land, having a larger, more powerful explosion when submerged.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Wide World

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Wide World, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
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Mine rock
Hazards Blunt force, explosion

A mine rock is a variant of bomb rock in Pikmin: Wide World that function similarly to depth charges. They are round, light gray, bumpy rocks dotted with dull protrusions, and narrow cracks running throughout their surface reveal a glowing fiery yellow-orange core within. Mine rocks are of only 1 size, the size of bomb rocks in Pikmin 1. Mine rocks can be carried by 1 Pikmin, usually Blue Pikmin due to always being found underwater, or leader each.

When lightly struck, such as from a sufficient tap or a kick, a mine rock will become primed, the cracks on it snapping further apart with a crack; the core within glows progressively brighter over the course of 10 seconds and grows slightly until it finally detonates. Underwater, the explosion has a power and range slightly superior to those of a standard bomb rock's, able to harm, kill, damage, or destroy anything in its range, but has a remarkably increased blast force, shoving away nearly anything even remotely in range of the blast underwater. On land, however, the explosion has only a small portion of its usual power, making mine rocks practically useless there. Pikmin attack with mine rocks mainly by throwing or shoving them, and leaders can do the same. Upon hitting a hard surface from a throw, a mine rock will detonate instantly, no matter if it was primed beforehand. Few enemies can utilize mine rocks, but how they do so may vary. Many enemies that eat Pikmin can also eat mine rocks, which will prime when bitten onto and subsequently explode in their stomachs. Setting a mine rock down or leaving it set will not prime it, and subjecting a mine rock to crushing and stabbing forces will cause it to detonate instantly. An explosion will cause any bomb rocks in the blast radius to instantly detonate, creating a destructive chain reaction when multiple are involved.

Some mine rocks may be duds, indicated by a dark, black interior. They can not be primed, and when exposed to crushing and stabbing forces, simply break apart. Dud mine rocks are most effective when handled as if they were rocks, and shatter after a single use. Active mine rocks can not be made into duds whatsoever.

In ultra-spicy difficulty, mine rocks detonate after 5 seconds, and their explosions underwater have slightly increased size and power. Additionally, enemies are more careful to not consume them and tend to keep away from them if they are aware of any nearby.


  • PWW Data file icon.png Data file #1 (all difficulties): Mine rocks are most effective when used underwater, as they are ineffective on land.
  • PWW Data file icon.png Data file #2 (all difficulties): If thrown at a hard surface, a mine rock will detonate instantly. Fortunately, they travel far.
  • PWW Data file icon.png Data file #3 (ultra-spicy difficulty only): Mine rocks take little time to blow, and create a sizeable explosion underwater but not on land.