Crystal Kettlebug

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Crystal Kettlebug
Family Kettlebug

The Crystal Kettlebug is a species of kettlebug covered by beautiful but sharp crystals.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: New World

Pikmin: New World
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: New World, a fanon game created by Electroatopos.
Krystal Kettlebug The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Mesmeri prasiolithicus
Family Kettlebug
Caves Arboreal Complex, Valhalla Cave
Seed worth 40
Attacks Interferes with electrical devices

The Krystal Kettlebug appears in Pikmin: New World as a close relative of the Antenna Beetle that lives deep underground, rarely appearing on the surface, and has a slightly rock-like appearance. It has large crystals of pure amethyst growing out of its body, and its orange compound eyes are large and pupilless. Between its eyes is a large triangular noselike shape. It appears to lack a mouth and has a teardrop-shaped body made of rock.

It appears by falling down from above and then quickly hopping away, out of view, making it very hard to catch. As soon as it lands, toss Pikmin at it to quickly weigh it down. It will attempt to jump away but will land on the ground with a thud, at which point it should be petrified by ultra-bitter spray to stun it and then swarmed by Pikmin under the effects of ultra-spicy spray to attack it quickly. Another strategy is to use ultra-fishy spray to make it jump up and fall on its side and then use ultra-bitter spray to paralyze it. Attacking it without using any sprays can be risky, as any Pikmin still on top of it when it jumps off of the screen will be killed. It is also possible to paralyze it with ultra-bitter spray and then use the captains to attack it, though this wastes time and could allow it to escape before it is killed.

If attempting to kill it with the captains it should definitely be attacked with the ultra-tangy spray in effect, making this beast go down very quickly. If it is killed, the creature's particularly large amethyst crystal will pop out of its head to be carried and the creature will crumble apart into two sprays, either ultra-spicy and bitter sprays or ultra-tangy and fishy sprays. While this creature does not use a whistle to attract Pikmin, it does interfere with the Treasure Gauge nonetheless when the captains get close to it, indicating that it is nearby and allowing for preparation against it.


Olimar's notes

Related to the Antenna Beetle, this creature is almost never seen on the surface. This is mostly because it must consume its own weight every day in solid quartz. Its innards are extremely high in pressure and temperature, allowing certain extremophile forms of metabacteria to grow inside its gut. The metabacteria absorb the quartz's impurities to the point where it is nearly completely clear. This would eventually cause crystal buildup within its body, clogging up vital passageways and blocking bodily respiratory or excretory systems. This means that it has an extremely short lifespan, but its corpses are some of the greatest sources of pure amethyst crystals in the world.

Louie's notes

Simply grand with butter and freshly cut spinach. Slice and dice onions and sprinkle fresh dew from a cabbage leaf all over its crisp surface. Before serving, be sure to cut this creature open to remove its internal crystals. Though some customers will like these beautiful jewels, others will demand a refund.

Sagittarius' notes

It is extremely expensive to buy due to its amazing amethyst. To own one is like having a living piece of jewelry in your own home. However, they are very hard to take care of because they demand natural quartz that they eat straight out of the rock. This costs a lot of money as they must eat it almost daily. This creature's lifespan is relatively short, though, lasting only one year, due to the large crystals that form within its body.

Libra's notes

Remove the massive purple jewels that sprout from its head and body, and then clean and facete them so that they form perfect gems. This jewelry is very delicate and breaks with ease, so it should be kept extra safe within a purse or handbag. Its value in karats is 10,000, making it one of the most valuable things one could own.