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The fiery bomb rock is a type of bomb rock that produces a cloud of searing fire upon detonating, often leaving a patch of lingering flames in the blast's radius.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Wide World

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Incendiary bomb rock
Hazards Fire, explosion

An incendiary bomb rock is a variant of bomb rock appearing in Pikmin: Wide World. They are round, bumpy, charred, black rocks with narrow cracks running throughout their surface, revealing a glowing, fiery red core within. Incendiary bomb rocks may be of two sizes: small, the size of bomb rocks in Pikmin 1, and large, the size of bomb rocks in Pikmin 2. Small bomb rocks can be carried by Pikmin while large bomb rocks can be rolled around by exactly two. Leaders can carry one bomb rock at a time no matter its size, but large ones may slow them down slightly purely because of their size and weight. Only Red Pikmin can handle, let alone touch, incendiary bomb rocks without bursting into flames because of their extreme heat, and leaders will suffer damage for as long as they handle one unless they have the Pocket Conditioner.

When lightly struck, such as from a sufficient tap or a kick, an incendiary bomb rock will become primed, the cracks on it snapping further apart with a crack; the core within glows progressively brighter over the course of ten seconds and grows slightly until it finally detonates, bursting into a cloud of fire and leaving flames everywhere, even outside of its range. Small incendiary bomb rocks produce smaller, weaker blasts of less outward force than large ones, but both inflict little damage to their surroundings and exert minimal force. Pikmin attack with bomb rocks mainly by throwing or shoving them, but can only merely shove large bomb rocks forward; leaders, however, can throw them regardless of their size. Few enemies utilize incendiary bomb rocks, but how they do so may vary. Many enemies that eat Pikmin can also eat bomb rocks, which will prime when bitten onto and subsequently explode in their stomachs; in the case of incendiary bomb rocks, this will essentially burn them to death from the inside, rapidly draining their health. However, using incendiary bomb rocks against enemies is not always effective, especially against fire-based enemies. Setting a bomb rock down or leaving it set will not prime it, and subjecting a bomb rock to crushing and stabbing forces will cause it to detonate instantly. Neither the explosion nor flames of an incendiary bomb rock will prime any bomb rocks in their range.

Some incendiary bomb rocks may be duds, indicated by a dark, black interior, and are therefore incapable of burning anything in contact with them. They can not be primed, and when exposed to crushing and stabbing forces, simply break apart. Dud bomb rocks are most effective when handled as if they were rocks, and shatter after a single use. Active incendiary bomb rocks can not be made into duds whatsoever, even through exposure to fluids such as water, but will have very little use while submerged in a body of fluid.

In ultra-spicy difficulty, incendiary bomb rocks detonate after five seconds, and their explosions have a moderately increased size. They also leave longer-lasting flames. Additionally, enemies are more careful to not consume them and tend to keep away from them if they are aware of any nearby.


  • PWW Data file icon.png Data file #1 (all difficulties): Incendiary bomb rocks are hot to the touch and coat their surroundings in flames upon detonation.
  • PWW Data file icon.png Data file #2 (ultra-spicy difficulty only): Incendiary bomb rock explosions have a far reach and leave persistent flames.