Red Bubblimp

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Red Bubblimp" article for more official information.
Red Bubblimp The icon used to represent this enemy.
HP Red Bubblimp.png
Scientific name Pilaruber ephemerens
Family Bubblimp
Areas Pollution Pool, Drenchnozzle Den, Downpour Thicket, Terror Trench, Barriers of Flame, Below the Ice, Frozen Hazard
Sparklium value Sparklium × 0
Attacks None

The Red Bubblimp is a harmless enemy that appears as a newborn of the species. They look like a red simple-celled organism with a pair of eyestalks and four legs, all of which are enveloped in a bubble of water. This bubble drips water onto the ground below, and cannot cause any harm. Touching one, whether by having it bump into a Pikmin or a leader or by throwing a Pikmin at it, will make it burst and die. Even if they don't cause damage, Red Bubblimps can still be a nuisance: when they burst, any nearby Pikmin or leaders will be knocked back a bit, which can create a distraction from bigger problems like more dangerous enemies.

These enemies frequently appear on ceilings. When a leader or a Pikmin gets close to its location, it appears from its spot on the ceiling and starts to drip away like a drop. After some seconds, it finally falls down and begins walking towards the nearest Pikmin or leader. They won't stop until they come into contact with a Pikmin or leader, at which point they burst and die. Although they can survive underwater, they can't actually swim. Instead, they will continue with their normal behavior, but move slightly slower. Needless to say, they also cannot produce water droplets underwater.

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